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You choose the next one!

In the past weeks we tested a few icon packs. Would you help me choose the next standalone release?

Simply vote for the one you would add to your collection because today YOU are the icon designer!

Sewn on patches icons

I could not use the name "Patch", or "Embroidery" because i used them in my other icon packs. Had to come up with another weird name… Tha Sewn.

I know it feels like i barely speak English but if anyone has a better idea im open, leave it in the comments below, the one with the most votes takes the cake.

These icons are available in RANDOM now:

It's all in the details

Ok, so i fixed the amount of color in the current RANDOM icon pack called Tsf-X … it needed a little extra, thx for bringing it to my attention.

Feel like becoming a high roller?

Big things have small beginnings [TSF-X icon pack]

Some may remember tha TSF icon pack from a while back, well this is the full on colored version cleaner and crispier than ever.

Only in RANDOM:

Adjust Your Tracking! [VHS – icons]

Capturing the VHS culture with these icons was fun, and a good one for collectors but are not solely based around nostalgia, you dont have to care about 1984 to enjoy them.

Available only in RANDOM:

Non Toxic!

I've tried to make those icons for years, and finally got them finished!
Inspired by plasticine art with some play dough they can be amazing (if you find the right wallpaper. Enjoy your search, it will be hard.)

Tha PLASTICINE icon pack is available exclusively in RANDOM:

Standalone pack released!

So at popular demand i've just released tha ENAMEL icon pack as a single pack for those who wanna keep it in their library…

Enjoy (should be live in a few hours)

Switch! [Tha Midnight icons]

Saw a Nextbit Robin phone post yesterday and decided to make a pack with that minty fresh color, so if you have RANDOM its in your phone right now!

Get RANDOM here (50% off until 3pm, last day so hurry to join in!) :

Switch! [Tha Enamel icons]

These are unreleased from the vault and only available in RANDOM. They're amazingly detailed and inspired by lovely little enamel pins.

Get RANDOM here now!
(50% off deal is almost over, hurry to join in!)

And so it begins

First pack in RANDOM is Tha Fireworks for the new year.

You'll be all set up for the night and i will use this occasion to wish you a good one…and pour some liquor for the departed. Let's stick together folks we gat this.

Get RANDOM here:

Tha Fireworks standalone version also available:

RANDOM is coming back!!!

Well it seems 2017 is gonna be good because guess what? After been suspended for 3 years the Google Play team has decided to give it another chance! (Google has been suprising me a lot lately)

A bit of history for those who don't know:

In early 2014 i made a special icon pack that was gonna mirror my phone homescreen and change the users icon style every other day, depending on what i was using. This mostly came about because there's over 750 icon packs in my collection and simply could not make every single one a standalone app.

That project was well received and really build up a community of themer enthusiast like i never seen before. I had no idea just how much ppl would enjoy having their icons on auto-pilot and waking up to a surprise every few days.

But then something weird happen. Because of the frequent updates i was basically getting my app reviewed everyday by the Google robots, really increasing my chances at the russian roulette (not to mention my price was also randomly fluctuating between 199.00$ to 9.99$)

Sometimes i push things too far, i know…

So after some discussion with the Google Team we came to a agreement that i would be careful from now on.

So to celebrate this turn of events ill be uploading tha fireworks icon pack to it for the new year, and want to welcome all of you who already invested you hard earn cash into that app to enjoy its return!

Achievement Unlocked!

Now here's a little story i've got to tell

About three bad brothers you know so well. It started way back in history. With Twitter, Periscope and me PHLASHY!

Beastie Boys session was fun yesterday, thx for checking it out!
Follow me over there for (almost) daily music breaks.

Only Beastie Boys #Music on this Dj set… cause im old school

Why i'll miss the Big Android BBQ and CyanogenMod

This world is all about respect. That invisible principle we hold to those who secretly do something greater than themselves.

And i respect those guys to the core.

They gave me a chance when nobody would considered it. And allowed me to make my FIRST party ever! Since that day they flew me to Texas, paid ALL expenses mind you… i never stopped making music and it grew into a indispensable part of my life.

Im forever grateful. And will absolutely follow you in your next projects.

Reshared post from +Big Android BBQ

This is a party you DON'T want to miss! The +CyanogenMod Team is sponsoring the infamous +Phlash Tha who will be spinning tunes at the #BABBQ13 Closing Party this year!

Just one more reason you should buy your ticket NOW!!


#BABBQ   #BABBQ13   #ThaPHLASH   #party   #tunes   #PHLASHAttack  

Little George Michael mix

So im starting to use Periscope for random spontaneous parties and would totally love to see you when they happens…

It's easy just FOLLOW ME on there and you get a little notification when i play some tunes…

(Replay are also available, i leave them usually for a few hours after the fact so you never miss one)

Mixing a few George Michael #Music trax in the morning

Merry Christmas?

"We appreciate the opportunity to review your appeal. After review, we've accepted your appeal and have conditionally reinstated you."

I don't know what you guys did, but there's definitively a angel of mercy in all of you who decided to help me out. And sure enough im back in the game!

This is the best Christmas present you could've even given me and it bring joy to my heart!!! My holiday's a so lit right now i could cry. My whole family thank's you… And wish you an amazing time with yours.

The power of this community is powerful that's for sure. Be sure that i will honor the responsibility you entrust in me, and keep on giving you quality design in the new year.

My new watch face called FORGIVEN can be found here:

You're one bad day away from being me

Not even a warning this time. Im suspended and i can no longer work for Android. It was a fun run but i hope you guys learn from my adventure.

The real Punisher seems to be in the offices of Google.

here's some details i want to let you know first, and that i believe will matter in this story.

I can draw so the images i used are made from scratch with a pen on paper. I made sure it was a white skull but made my own version (longer teeth, wider eyes, different jaw etc to accommodate my design) i think these subtleties matter because its not a rip-off of a trademarked logo. nor does any copy/paste is going on here.

I asked a few friends if punisher was a real word and felt confident it was.

At last ressort in my mind i thought that IF anything was amiss i would get a fair warning and a chance to adjust to comply with anything Ready to change the name if thats the problem, or even the design! (hell i was even prepare to make it a skull with 3 eyes if i had to.)

Sadly, no second chances today. all i had was a email with what google calls a "Strike" … basically something that completely shuts you down.

Yes i had previous strikes in the early 2010's when google was even more merciless and never was able to contest those, even thought they were unfounded! (at that time google was a straight up robot and had NO communication whatsoever, now it seems a bit better at least, albeit not in my particular case this morning.)

So today, i need to face the facts. I can no longer release anything for you guys anymore. Ever.

Thanks for being with me all these years! Im really grateful for that, and you made me. I tried my best to release thing YOU wanted and deliver refine quality material.

… So long andy.

FLASH – Watch face

No pun intended i guess 🙂

Get it here if you like collecting heroic things:

Remember when i told you getting accepted in Android Wear is like a shitty russian…

Remember when i told you getting accepted in Android Wear is like a shitty russian roulette?

Well here we go again… This time they REFUSED my latest WONDER watch face for new reasons. You'll be the judge if its justified or horse-crap.

" quoted
App status: Your app has not been accepted into Android Wear.

Eligibility issues:

-Number two and ten are not formatted appropriately on round devices.


You guys understand this is intentional and simply how i felt like making my artwork? Do i have a art director now?

I can only imagine a dev trying to get his hard work out there, and having his release stopped depending if someone had his coffee or not in some shady office…

So basically Android Wear is getting more and more invasive and are now taking unprecedented liberty like i've never seen before… this is bad guys. Real bad.

Grammar nazi, i need your help!

(for my next Android Wear Watch face)

Reshared post from +Tha PHLASH

Looking for your advice's
For my next release tomorrow i wanted to ask you all a question.
Is PUNISHER a real word? Or not?

Looking for your advice's

For my next release tomorrow i wanted to ask you all a question.
Is PUNISHER a real word? Or not?