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RANDOM is like Oreos, the good stuff is on the inside.
available here:

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This is AFTERBURNLook at that sexy, hard exterior with that soft, mushy interior.It’s…

Look at that sexy, hard exterior with that soft, mushy interior.
It’s really… hot. Like, 1100 – 2000°F hot.


I'm your mama, I'm your daddy,

I'm that nigga in the alley.
I'm your doctor when in need.
Want a new phone? Have some icons.
You know me, I'm your friend,
Your main boy, thick and thin.
I'm your pusherman.

Experimental app called RANDOM:
Tha Pill icon pack should be installing itself in your phone right about…. now!

For those who already miss STAMP

I made it a standalone pack if you want it in your collection….


Tha Landscape icon pack

Almost had to have a restricting order on a few people, has this one was highly requested 🙂

Available only in RANDOM:

DIAMOND icons (Out Now!)

Since i had a few people requesting those, they are now available as standalone, and they are slightly less expensive the the real thing. That should save you fellows few thousand bucks!


Do you remember how to use actual stamps?Well these will look quite nice on your…

Do you remember how to use actual stamps?

Well these will look quite nice on your homescreen. Be creative and show me what you can do!

Tha Stamp icon pack, available Only in RANDOM:

(Any ideas on the next icon pack for public release as a standalone? Leave suggestions in the comments)

And its ready!

We worked our asses off on this one.

Get it now while its hot:

You're really at the level of awesomness

that you should have your own theme music, and theme icon pack!

Tha Themer icon pack, available Only in RANDOM:

Last day to get Tha CUPID icon pack!

Also, the BEST day to get Tha CUPID icon pack…

Getting Candy Drunk on all the liquor filled chocolates?

These Valentine's Day icons might help ease the pain.

If you're not part of RANDOM yet today is your chance. Enjoy 50% off the regular price for the next 48hrs!!! :

Diamonds last forever

But relationships mostly not.

Only in RANDOM:

CUPID – Icon Pack – is BACK!

This one is all ready for you and right on time too! A perfect conversation starter and a can be great ways to break the ice.

Get them here:

It's the season of love!

So i've changed your icons this morning, let's run Tha HEART icon pack to see if it should be released…

Only in RANDOM:

NAVI2 [The Sequel]

A new provocative vision of the future, where watch face and icons have merged.

If you are interested in supporting the project please like/share and comment below so i can give you early beta access (and possibly a free copy?) of the first watch face icon pack ever!

> Update Feb 1 Public Beta <—

Opt-in URL for the public Beta watch face here:

And finally the actual watch face is here:

First round is on me! (and that second one too)

Let's do a liquid cleansing with alcohol tonight, subscribe to that twitter so you get notified.

And just to make sure you remember, let me push some Bottle Cap icons in your phones right now! Only in RANDOM:

Remember how we used to party?

How about you follow me on Periscope, you'll get a nice little notification next time we party.

Would be awesome to see you there for old time sake, so we can have a beer and chill out like we used to!

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The Police! 🌟(80’s band silly, not cops) Dj Mix 🌟 #Music🔥🔥🔥

Bye Google+ Classic

You were still the best until the very end…

Tha STITCH is out!!!!

You guys participated a lot on this one, from finding a suitable name to pushing for a standalone release in a poll… These things helped, so im making good on my word and putting this one out for you to grab today!

Enjoy this addition and collect' em like Pokemon's!