Tha Icon

Not to be dramatic or anything

but the weekend starts in 3 hours Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye!

Join me in High fidelity for a Virtual Reality Party!

Word up Homies… its been a while

Do you remember how we used to party ALL THE TIME!?

Well me to, so i just wanted to let you know i've opened a night club… a "Virtual Nightclub" so that you don't have to fight to find parkings…

Check me out every Friday's

Did you know?

I've opened a virtual club. In a virtual town called +High Fidelity and i rock the place every Friday!

Its super cool and super weird so if you wanna live something unique just download the program here:

And come over with either your Virtual reality headset.. or your computer.. everything goes!

Tha Glassik Square icon pack

A labor of love, updated and simple. This is the "Square version" If you want the round version check my previous post.

You can get it as standalone:

Or featured within the RANDOM icon pack right now:

Updates are burning up!

A very Glassik style of icons… Simply timeless just got updated!

Get it here:

Tha Fireworks Icon pack (UPDATED)

Dear Santa,

Define "Good"

Tha Christmas Ball icon pack is updated now!

Tha SNOWFLAKE icon (updated)

Sit back, get into a comfortable position, and release any tension you may be feeling. It's snowing.

If your mind isn't sufficiently blown, man, get Tha SNOWFLAKE icon pack here:

Everybody chill!

Nothing is cooler than Tha Ice Pack.


These icons are LIT!!!!

Tradition is, if you have that icon pack they light up today.

Tha Pumpkin icons available now:

Tha TOMBSTONE (updated!)

Because a tombstone is life's trophy.

Right here:

We're gonna getcha, we're gonna getcha

not another peep, time to go to sleep…

Tha Blood – icon pack is updated for Halloween:

Also support me on Patreon yo:

As he carved tha PUMPKIN on his lap

She ignored his stupidity and waited for the climatic horror that would really make it feel like Halloween.

Tha Pumpkin icons available now as standalone icon pack:

And in RANDOM:

Tha Autumn Icon pack

I’ve never known anyone yet who doesn’t suffer a certain restlessness when autumn rolls around… We’re all eight years old again and anything is possible.

as a standalone pack:

or part of tha RANDOM pack:

These icons are bringing sexy back. I’m calling it

Hands up who loves Oreo's. Okay exactly what I thought. That’s EVERYONE!

(only available in RANDOM: )

I just wanna say for the record

they haven't invented a word for how cool this watch face is.

IRON SPIDER Out Now!!!!!!:

Work in progress

If you thought i was done with Spider-Man inspired watchfaces, you'll be left crawling the walls with excitement at what the Iron Spider Watch can do.

Coming very soon (its on my wrist right now!)

Random astromech droid

Artoo (for short).

RANDOM has some of my greatest classics!
Tha R2-D2:

+Android Police has restored my faith in humanity.

+Android Police has restored my faith in humanity.

Reshared post from +Android Police

The Android Wear Roundup is back baby!

by +Matthew Sholtz

37 new and notable Android Wear apps and watch faces from 9/1/16 – 7/19/17
Okay, you may have noticed that it has been quite a while since the last Android Wear Roundup. The good news is that I am here to take the reigns and get t… by Matthew Sholtz in Android Wear, Applications, News, Roundups, Videos

Tha Doctor Who icon pack! (you go gurl!)

It's like time does not affect this thing, always fashionable like a bow tie.

get it here: