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Your STATION watch face is updated, you can now put your own text on it, what will yours say?

Wasteland Survival Guide

Today's forecast calls for a 99% chance of clear skies being ruined by artillery fire.

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Great action shot!

This screenshot is from +Darren  sporting my latest watch face release, much props to anyone making watch face screenshots to help developers promote their art…

These are the darnest thing to get just right! (ask anyone who tried) 

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New watch face is ready!

The past is not here except in the form of memory.
The future is not here except in the form of anticipation.

As a consequence the present is reduced to a hairline of cross-point that stands in-between.

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STATION Watch Face gets a major update

Try it and you'll see its the best way to count the seconds until workday is over!

For everyone's favorite spandex-clad Jesus metaphor

This watch face comes jam-packed with distress messages from whiny bank tellers and inappropriate texts from a drunk Jimmy Olsen.

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Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana – BATWATCH!

Prototype watch face made for fun, available soon… if you're interested, circle me and ask to join Tha VIP community, its the only place to get it: 

Just published my latest face

And was wondering if you guys knew anyone that makes good presentation video reviews of watch face? 

If you want to try ORBIT, just head over here (should be available shortly):

Want the world to revolve around you?

No problem. Get my latest watch face for android wear and gain three or four quadrillion pounds of gravitational pull!

ORBIT Watch Face Available in a few minutes:

You know when you stand up too quick and you feel dizzy?

Now imagine if that happened all the time?
This is essentially what Brittany Gonzalez, 15 has to go through while living with a condition of Dysautonomia named POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome).

I want to make her feel better so i've donated to her GoFundMe page, can you please help?

As a token of my appreciation grab this icon pack, remind yourself that love and health are the most important thing. Ever.

Treat Yo Self Day

Your TRU icon pack is updated and for those who missed it specially priced for tha day…

A powerful classic updated!

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A watch with flavor

Just wanted to let you know my latest watch face called EMITTER is updated and ready for action!

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Tha Hole icon pack update!

And as usual its specially priced for the day.

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Easter's favorite!

If you have my weird icon pack called RANDOM ( ) Tha Easter Egg icons have been pushed to your device!

Versatile, dependable, compatible (maybe even sexy)

Call it what you want…

I call it tha MINT update! and since we're family its on special all day.

Your new EMITTER watch face is here!

And yes, its absolutely inspired by the cockpit dashboard of your private jet.

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Your RAISE icon pack just got updated

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Let's burn it up!


It's a soothing color that invites harmonious feelings and diffuse anxiety.

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