Tha Icon

Oh look, another update

Now you just need that boot animation that goes "Segaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

get it here:

Today is a great update day!

LINEA icon pack, updated and on sale for the occasion:

NAVI Watch face is updated to look even more classy:

Tha 13 icon pack is predictably on bloody sale too: 

Drop it like its updated!

Ready for you in the next few minutes.

Tha Drop:

Oh Lawd, we are still at it! What are you gonna do?

Im updating with more blackness, now tell me, which pack should come out next Caturday?

Get Black Krom here:

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imagination is a wonderful thing

There's a sale starting shortly on 3 amazing watch faces. You better jump on it, i heard it's only for today (or until my mood elevators wear off…)




Another day another update

Tha Sphere its your birthday:

All icon pack are delivered with a seal of awesomeness.

Updatin aint easy but it's necessary

Potential release candidate?

You tell me…

Meanwhile let's give it to RANDOM testers and see if they can do something with it…

New NAVI watch face!

As usual, I really enjoyed preparing this project, if you think its worth it, support and share the concept  …if you have time.

How's you day going?

With CUTBOARD and a carrot, it's clearly only getting better.
special launch price for a few hours only!

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I know i know

Updates keeps rolling out!

Are you talking to yourself or do you see little yellow boxes too?

Then it must be real, tha MERCENARY icon pack is updated:

Friday update-o-vision the sequel!

In all its 3D glory…your week-end is saved:

Boom, Updates!

Updates updates

It's all about rhythm.. just gatta keep the pace.

Its your turn DOT:

Dear Users

You know its getting serious when there's a KEX update.

Available now:

Can you try it?

I've recently released this watch face for the fun factor and because, frankly, i simply love to experiment. 

In an attempt to animate without jeopardizing power consumption i simply took the seconds hand, and played around with it to create a scanimation.  It may sound novel, but its a old-timey technique for multi-frame animations onto a single sheet of paper.

Long live Android Wear and the crazy things we can do with it 🙂


BREAKING NEWS, This is unbelievable!

Yup, brace yourself im making updates.

Let's start with this EXO icon pack in a few minutes:

Valentine's day massacre!!!!

May your Friday tha 13th be filled with naive, horny pot-smoking teenagers and not a hatchet-wielding mass murderer.

Not a typical icon pack: