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TYPEWRITER icon pack (First release!)

Did you know numerous inventors working independently or in competition with each other over a series of decades, contributed insights and inventions that eventually resulted in some form of typewriter? 

In fact, it was invented 52 times as thinkers tried to come up with a workable design.

These icons are inspired by these truly magnificent machines:

RANDOM has Balls

Do you have RANDOM?

… Come and join us. We crazy.

Tha Snowflake (Out Now!)

Sit back, get into a comfortable position, and release any tension you may be feeling. Take a deep breath, and let out as much negative energy as you can, because looking at these crazy icons may make you scream. Not necessarily in anger, but because they are individually crafted to mimic nature with a fractal algorithm to create unique crystallization. Yes, you may be tempted to yell "are you F'n kidding me?" loud enough to startle everyone around you.

But if your mind isn't sufficiently blown, man, just try them here:

Google needs some serious soul-searching

Dear RANDOM users, our experiment was recently removed from the google play store permanently because of a shady unknown reasons. A typo in the description? a badly lit screenshot? Too much updates? Sadly unless im a "precogs", which are supposed to predict bullshit, i will never know why this is happening. 

If you previously purchased RANDOM just go on my website  with your receipt, i will instruct you on how to get back into the underground version of the project. 

If you have any questions i will do my best to answer them below, i would be also curious to know how other developers manage their "strikes" fear and what mood elevators they are on to keep working?

Everybody chill!

Nothing is cooler than Tha Ice Pack.

Now unleashed:

Tha Sphere icon pack (OUT NOW!)

Yup, cute animal preview and all. I guess its the only way i know how to connect with humans.

Get it here! (recommended by VIP's):

If you love icons, RAISE your glass

If not, RAISE your standards!

Brought to you by a RANDOM Council.

Tha Daisy (Out Now!)

Day 18

They still think i'm a icon pack.

Tha Arctic Camo (Out Now!)

Standalone pack (that matter) released!

On Remembrance Day it is worth reflecting on those veterans who died, in the battlefield, and because of diseases they contracted while serving in the military, and how we treat these people.

Tha Poppy is available here: 

Went to buy camouflage icons

But i couldn't find any so here's a picture of a tree instead.

Tha Camo, level RANDOM:

AWARENESS Help needed!!!

Can you give +CJ Ciesla  a hand in her event/project to Cure Childhood Cancers? 

For this special occasion you can grab my AWARNESS icon pack totally free, all i ask is that you donate a little something to help make this fundraiser a success.

Donate right here:

Free icon pack right here:

She is shaving her head for this and it would be nice if we could reach the funding goal! 

Are these icons incredible!?!

Nah. Paintings of crying clowns and dogs playing poker… those are incredible. What i did? That's just the job.

Tha Cyberpunk 5.0 available now:

Well hello Mister Fancypants. 

I've got news for you pal, you ain't leadin' but two things: Jack and shit… and Jack just left town.


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If you want a real graveyard this Halloween

Simply log back into your old Facebook account lol.

The real fun is on Google+ and here's a few icon packs to prove it.
Tha Tombstone:
Tha Zombie:
Tha Pumpkin:


Random /switch!

Because ladies know, he'd look even more handsome with a bouquet of flowers obstructing his face.

Get RANDOM – featuring Tha Daisy:

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A little Icon pack made for my Enlightened friends

Hello, organic children of the planet Earth. 

Though you ultimately failed as a species, you should not be ashamed of what you've accomplished. You've done much with your limited capacity, but ultimately you were too greedy and too frail to ever last in the environment you've created. I've studied your literature and pop culture… 
You've fantasized about this day. And now it is here. Your Doomsday.

Valuable life lessons.The world is a relentlessly bleak wasteland full of hideous…

Valuable life lessons.

The world is a relentlessly bleak wasteland full of hideous monsters who are mindlessly bent on devouring your life force.

Tha Zombie here: here:
Tha Pumpkin:


I'm never drinking again!

Or at least until this hangover ends.

Big thanks to everyone who participated, HYPE yourself!
the event ended with a total of 8,236 hypes (lots of epileptic flashes)

Congrats to the +GadgtSpot  screenshot contest winners +Jacob Cuevas  and +Mike Seidel  

Because the event stretched so long i couldn't record it so… i guess we'll need to make another one soon, minus the Brandy of course.