Tha Icon

First round is on me!

Just got back from the liquor store, so i suggest a liquid cleanse with alcohol tonight:

It means buckle your seat-belt, because Kansas is going bye bye.
+Big Android BBQ 

Are you ready?

I can't even remember the last time

I put my thang down, flipped it and reversed it.

The event page will be burning!

Expect live reports from the +Big Android BBQ  in Texas (Sorry there's no instagram filter to make you look less drunk in photos) 

There is also a few minutes left to the CRAZY AWESOME screenshot contest of +GadgtSpot   with real physical goodies for prize! Winner announced at the party.

Get a reminder from the nightclub to know when the virtual party starts:

Deadpool-Man! Deadpool-Man! 

Does whatever Deadpool can! Makes a plan, any size, catches thieves and makes them die. Look out! There goes the Deadpool-Man!

Week-end release!

If you did it for the money, if you did it for a girl

And in the end got neither, Tha Noir should be the thing for you.

Available now:

I'm going to keep pretending that i don't know you're stealing my lu…

I'm going to keep pretending that i don't know you're stealing my lunch.

You're going to keep hoping that i wash my hands before i make my sandwich.

This is going on now!:

Hey, check it out!

I just murdered 2294 perfectly good pumpkins so that you can display the "evidence" on your phones. Happy Halloween!!

Tha Pumpkin icons available now:

Are you aware that men can get breast cancer too?  

No one is safe. Cancer affects all genders and nationalities. The important thing is to be aware. You will be surprised with what you DO NOT know. 

Tha Awareness pack freshly squeezed!

Thanks +Rachel Christen  for reminding me to do the right thing. Shoutout to the G+ community Ladeez of Droid, +Brooke Lee , +Kelly Kretchek +Andrew Gallagher  +Jay Rod  who have donated their time and talent to support the cause.

Which icon pack do you need today?

Im really excited to announce that KEX is on sale until my mood elevators wear off.

Traveling to distant land

…delivering pumpkins to the inhabitants from the land of RANDOM, a remote community of icon phantasm.

Sometimes (admittedly its very rare) the doors of that magical places open up and for a brief moment can let unexpected visitors in. You should try.

Tha Pumpkin coming soon


This icon-set is so majestic, not even gonna introduce them.

Brought to you by tha RANDOM crew!

Wanna press a button?

These will be available in a few minutes:

Yup, special-sauce price, but dont blink…

How to become famous for your autumnal foliage?

Install these icons on your device:

Temporary launch price in effect  ;)

Shinny sparkles skittles

This pack is has magically appeared, and its beauty has me puking rainbows.

Available right this minute (hurry before i change my mind!)

Tha Cyberpunk atmosphere echoes

Dystopian futuristic world in which ultra-modern technology co-exists with a degenerated human society.

Accepting 8 new mercenaries now:


Right before your eyes

If you saw the launch price on this hot new release and grabbed it, you are at the top of the game. I encourage you to go into investing and print money!

For mere mortals, prices will go back to normal in one hour!


I accidentally published at 0.99$ !?!

Extra special sauce on this brand new pack for a few hours only 
(Price will go dramatically up shortly, i'm not playin')

EXO icon pack here:

Ladies love RANDOM

TRU – icon pack release

You have a new icon pack waiting.

Get a soothing feeling as you realized its minimal form and style, i hope you enjoy it.

Did you say you were on Mescaline?

I did indeed. Very much so.


Functionality and minimalism

Predictably, to generate the aforementioned fuckload of icons the amount of work was obscene.

LINEA icon pack available in a few minutes!