Tha Icon

Here comes Tha Drop!

I should have this icon pack ready for you guys in the next few minutes, 
Tha Drop:

About to bring this home

You can own it in a few minutes… Tha Mercury.

It’s not imaginary, bro. It’s real

And hopefully approved by many, many android superstars?

Tha Hole (OUT NOW!): 

Randomly green

Want to try savory icon ideas? Join us, VIP's have all the fun!

So i gat my name back

Wow, talk about a typo that took 4 years to fix.


Do you think that's cute?

Do you want to touch them? Hug them perhaps?

Well im sorry to announce this sounds like a typical icon addiction behavior. Luckily you're not alone and there's a support group readily available.

The therapy includes all accommodations and a renowned, very invasive procedure called RST (Random Shock Treatment) focuses on stopping icon cravings with a frequent dose of randomness.

Get started:



Coming at a random time near you.


to randomly test

results may be unpredictable

Word up

Launch price still in effect for a few minutes… Come and join tha elite.

Want to know my favorite color scheme? — BLK and WTE

Seriously, how gorgeous are black and white icons, wallpapers etc? Monochrome is hands down the most wonderful color scheme I’ve ever encountered. Embrace the grey-scale my friend, embrace it.


PS: Zebras are monochrome and that’s just badass.

#BLK   #WTE   #iconpack  

First test run of BLK icons starts today!

Only a few places available in Tha VIP's

Make sure you already have KEX installed!


Icon addition level 27

Somehow, somewhere theres a guy who goes out of his way to share the 411 on icons. This man is +Cliff Wade   … you better ask somebody!

Icon Packs That You Must Have On Your Android Device…Round Two

Wow, MEMORY icons spotted! Good job +Maximilian Ertl 

Wow, MEMORY icons spotted! Good job +Maximilian Ertl 
(i admit it, im also using them right now)

Reshared post from +Maximilian Ertl

I love the combination of my CodeX Zooper-Skin and the awesome Memory icons by +Phlash Tha

Does Your Memory Sucks?

Brain building, mind tricks, neuroscience and mental training is what you need… MEMORY is what you need. Do you have the skills to go ninja?

MEMORY icon pack.

(a module of DOT, also sold separately)

BLK is like discovering a new flavor sensation on your tongue

Like KEX and DOT icon pack (which you should get btw), BLK is less about how it makes you look and more about how it makes you feel. 



BLK (out soon) few test spot available:

Fetishization of icon design?

All right, you caught me. The title of this post is a bit too fancy-pants.

But here's the reward, you can get your hands on DOT right now! Useful, slick, next-level icon pack. Mix them with KEX, for maximum pleasure.

Highly recommended:

Added boss factor:


DOT (out soon!)

I’m looking you in the eyes, (okay well, not really since you are probably reading this post, but figuratively, I am gazing at the inner-beauty and potential I know you possess) and telling you that DOT is a hell of a pack.

Coming soon, VIP's get to test run it today:


We are LIVE!!!

We are LIVE!!!

Reshared post from +Phlash Tha

We got the best icons designers right by the best themers. Nobody is wasting nobody. That… is a miracle. And miracles is the way things ought to be.

This Friday the best icon designers will join forces to give you some goodies so this is a party you do not want to miss because WE got the streets, suckers! Can you dig it?

Where its happening?
Its Live from a virtual nightclub called mixify, You can access it from here

Waaaarrrrrriiiorsss, come out to pla-ay!

Let's Do this!