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No person is an island. 

You could create thousands of icons about a thousand different things, but who knows if they’re killer or if they’re crap if you keep them to yourself? 

Come by share your new packs, make special prices, and connect with people like you (who nerd out over style and theme and those tiny brilliant flourishes that nobody else in the world probably noticed) with a real fondness for Android.

Of course it may also only be a good reason to party. Hard.
So it here:

Did we miss a calendar?

The amazing dynamic date icon option has now gone mainstream with this morning update of Nova.

At the moment KEX has 5 dynamic calendars, Google Calendar, Calengoo, Business Calendar, Today Calendar, Digical.

But i was wondering if something is missing from the list. Make your suggestions in the comments below, it might make the cut and be part of the next update!

This pack is growing super fast!


How to smell like fish

If you're reading this you probably are in a rut. Maybe your spouse has left you. Maybe you recently got fired. Or maybe you're just bored. Every day is tedious and repetitive and tedious, and you just can't get anything out of life. 

It's like when I tell the kids, "CLEAN YOUR ROOM," and they just stare at me blankly like they're high on something.

Anyway, whatever your problem, you just want something new. Something to brighten your day. A nice change of pace. Well, there's no better way to add some zest to your life than to smell a bit like fish.

Kex has fish.

Come join the Vip community and test our fishy prototypes:

#KEX on Google play:

Updates, that is a beautiful thing indeed

Your icons are like bacon this morning, more crisp, strangely addictive they should be everywhere in everything!

Get it now:


That damn emotional ninja 

Sneaking up on your heart when you least expected it.  

Get a PHLASH deal for a few hours in Google Play!

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KEX (available starting now!)

Great icon packs exists in all shapes and sizes. We tend to remember the sexy, big launches, the “oh-my-god-they-added-wallpapers,” or the “wow, that looks stunning.” But there are interesting design decisions in every successful icons, decisions that have a big impact on behavior. 

Here is one that's particularly interesting, we have integrated some functionality to your calendar applications. The launcher icon will display the actual date and this will affect the following applications
– Google Calendar
– Today Calendar
– Business Calendar
– Digical

Its in the current version of KEX. So don't wait!

Dynamic Calendar Icon (requires Nova 3.0beta1 or higher) Opt-in here:

Of course this is work in progress, but with your support, we can create a whole experience that can come together beautifully.


Quality means a lot of different things to different people. 

But when experiencing it, you'll get the sense that somewhere out there in the vast and unknowable world, something was crafted with no detail left unconsidered, no pieces left to haphazard winds.

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Do I dare disturb the universe?

Sometimes you put a few icons side by side and BAM! it’s like a brass knuckle to the face. Like some zombie apocalypse horror movie right before your eyes.

#KEX   #comingsoon  

KEX will kick you in the hole

…but it will never stab you in the back. It will, however, stab you multiple times right in your face.


Like a potato chip manufacturer

I try to put just the right crunch and the perfect amount of salt so you can’t help but have just one more

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Just bouncing

a post by +Android Headlines   that made me think of a unfinished project… remember these?

what defines better?

At the heart of developing KEX is the question of what defines better? I believe it shouldn't be about short-term trends and revenue, but the people you design for. 

Is better for them? 

Here's a preview of icons contained within KEX.

Raise your hand and slap yourself in the face

Got it? Now repeat that until you come to your senses and request to beta test #KEX the new upcoming sensation whenever you’re ready.


Easter egg hunting. Is it weird for adults to do that?

Fresh and updated, use this pack to hide Easter eggs in your families phones, and tell them: Google did it!

Some more?

Im sharing a few more Project Hera vector sources for your projects. They are in Illustrator (.ai) . Also included are very high resolution .png's for immediate use.

I have literally a TON more but they are restricted to a testing community right now. #KEX  

Get them, share the love.

Ok impatient internet… feast

Packed and ready for consumption. 
.ai sources here:

In album 2014-04-14

sup my homies

here's some freebies…

Here you go

Friends have asked…  So there you go, have fun make packs and support each other.

That is all.

Tha Icon
Check the most recent pack below, and the whole collection on Google Play! hulk22_andy. Tha Smash. $4 · stpatty_andy. Tha St-Patty’s. $4 · drop_andy. Tha Drop. $4 · noir_andy. Tha Noir. $4 · Also on Google Play! Yup its true, all the icon packs are available as themes too!

Tha Easter Egg (pack update)

Making a sweet update to this pack… Damn, now i want chocolate.

A lot of icon packs can be found right here:

Take a look…

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