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We are open! 

We are open! 

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Since you are always counting down the days to the next Marvel movie anyways, why not make a party out of it?

Exclusive Superhero icon packs will be given away, so RSVP here:

Captain America All Tha Things!

Do what Hulk wants! Or Hulk will smash you, and take your kitties!Tha Smash (Launching…

Do what Hulk wants! Or Hulk will smash you, and take your kitties!

Tha Smash (Launching today!)

Take a chance to get your hands on a early copies of this ridiculously awesome icon pack, how?

Simply by saying yes to this event:

else, No soup for you!


Tha production line has new addition

Let's talk logo, what are your thoughts on it?

And how cool is it that? all my packs now have the full visual history of Cyanogen Mod  .inc

KEX (Help needed!)

At popular demand im going forward in the production of Tha KEX icon pack. Its quite hardcore since i have to redraw everything pretty much from scratch.

You can support innovative design of KEX by doing any or all the following:

– Beta test  (limited availability )

– F**king party (your face off)

– Buy a icon pack from a random designer (do it today)
…so that they don't feel like a software, or hardware whatever :)



Tha Shield Variant icon pack (updated)

Some very slick Party Favors awaits my attendees Friday…
Are you a guest?

hint hint biggest virtual party ever:

Thinking about making Tha KEX

Any takers? Lemme know and i might just send you a message with the pack soon… cause that's how we roll.

Fixing the colossally broken anatomy in Falcon's Winter Soldier poster.

Fixing the colossally broken anatomy in Falcon's Winter Soldier poster.

They've spliced a bunch of photos together not at all well – the angle is looking up at the character but likely due to the people in charge wanting the focus to be on the face, they've made the upper torso twice as big as it should be. The legs are completely off and far too short, his butt is way higher than his crotch, and his torso is as long as his legs. Oops.

Quoted from ''AnnaHollinrake'' via that reddit…


Have you RSVP for tha winter soldier party yet?

Tha Romanoff (EXCLUSIVE)

Just got those world-class icons ready for you my friends.
To get them you simply need to do like any ruthless spy would…

… RSVP to this department:

#captainamerica   #iconpack   #party  

Notification icon secrets revealed!!!

Ok, here's the low down from my last post, where the question was How would the notification icon from GoooglePlus behave if maxed out.

From this picture you can see what we thought the icon would do on the first line.

The second line is what actually happens if you check from google search/store/gmail/google+ pages… 

The third is how the app sees it on my Galaxy device.

Thx to the crazy plusers! a few 100's in a record time. 
Let me know what you think below, did you know if you had tons of pluses on a post you would see only 1 notification? 

Which icon pack do you want to see?

In case you missed it, there's a freaking dope Captain America launch party happening next week and im doing a few packs to give you as a keepsake for passing by.

Is there a icon pack style you wish to see that night?

RSVP here if you don't wanna miss the boat:

Tha Incredible Hulk (Coming soon)

Word up, im working on this pack for friends, and wanted to invite you to get it (with a few other surprises) free.. no charge… gratos.

All you need is to RSVP here to and you're golden!

Batman owes a great unacknowledged debt

Spring Heeled Jack, who transitioned from London urban myth (1830s) to melodrama anti-hero (1870s) to prototype superhero (1880s-early 1900s). As written by "penny dreadful" author Alfred Burrage, SHJ was a wealthy aristocrat who assumed the disguise of a devilish, bat-winged avenger of the night, maintained a secret underground lair and used his athletic and technological skills to battle evil-doers

– sounds familiar? 

Build Somethin

Made the freshest update to Tha LEGO icon pack.

(not intended for children under 3 years of age. Backstore availability only)

Tha Constellation (update)

I wear my sunglasses at night… 

Backstore pass needed, cause its just a icon pack for now, not a theme. #cosmos   #spaceexploration  

Tha St-patty's pack (Out Now!)

Sneaking those out in the middle of the night… super creepy.

#stpatricksday   #fourleafclover   #green  

Just add milk!

Tha Coco Cthulhu, made this 'highly experimental set' for friends, its only released in the backstore at the moment so get a pass now…
… 1,160 pieces of crunchy goodness.

Best black and white icons (Out Now!)

These have been released in the Google Play store few minutes ago:

… also we had a crazy batrave Saturday so yea, i batman all tha things in these preview but the icon packs have the usual apps covered too :)

Here come tha Drop (Out now!)

Be first to get them on Google Play, show love to the apk dev with a nice rating and you're golden:

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This will make you wet!

Updating a classic, Tha Drop …coming to a Play Store near you in a few.

#nextlevel   #iconography  

Stiill going! 4 hours and counting!!!