Tha Icon

Definite Batman icon collection!

Could be yours tonight… (about 10,000 icons)
just join our little party for a fun screenshot game. 

Blink and you'll miss it…

This will make you wet!

Updating a classic, Tha Drop …coming to a Play Store near you in a few.

#nextlevel   #iconography  

Peace Egon

… good party!

Tha Viking, (Out in Backstore!)

Just made those icons, because how good is an armory without a shield?
(Special request by +Viking Eric  and +Scotty Brown )

backstore pass needed:

Noir Icons

Icons can tell a story when properly handled. 

Working on updates of this pack so, just a note to "backstore pass" holder… this one is available on the house today… grab it.

My work setup, you like?

Fixing my rig today… making it super clean and wanted to show you some of that awesomeness.

There's a few boss levels, this is pretty much the last one.

What Tha Puck !?

Just made those for fun, they are just 1800 icons but there's no apk… 

Usually reserved for tha backstore but i made a little exception for today.


Epic 80's night recording (Out now!)

Did you enjoy our last party?
If you want a little keepsake, the recording is for sale, (all the proceeds go to the windows drunken smashed last nite.)

If you missed it, this is your chance to get that piece of history now!

What's next….

Let's go back, way back!

Im getting ready for this, you better get ready too!
What were you doing at the same date in 1984? 

Are you down?

Can you make a sweet homescreen with those icons if i give them to you free?

Well your in luck, because 50 icon packs will be dropped to you here:
in a few hours…

… all you need to do is show up your way. In your underwear, naked, clothed… we're open world that way.

Just playing around on my phone, again!

do you like this setup? 

Using: Remastered version of "Tha Electric Dreams" icons and i little wall i just put together. Considering a release….

Working it

Almost done with your exclusive new pack, launching tomorrow!

World domination begins with just a few +1's…

Kill the mainstream!

Follow me in the backstore for a icon theming experience you'll never forget… EVER!

… did you get a backstore pass?

Make it at least tolerable

The only way to pass a valentines week without freaking out is either superheroes or bacon. I have not made bacon hearts yet.

Also, this pack is in the backstore for those with a pass…

My first icon pack!

Amazing how some styles seem to age well…
Other times not so much. 

What style do you think will be the next trend? What style will die?
Which ones will make it through unarmed?

Tell your prophecies in the comments below, so we can look back in a few years!

Thx to everyone! Record attendance number!

…and growing

Reshared post from +Phlash Tha

Scared the bass drum might crack your rib cage?
Wear your sunglasses at night and party with THA PHLASH

Where its happening?
Its Live from a virtual nightclub called mixify, You can access it from here

Using android:

Early bird tickets are free, entry on the night will be free too, but RSVP now on hot seats are going fast and capacity is limited!!!!

These events are sponsored by you. Spread the news and make sure you take the night off (and probably the morning after too…. your feet will be sore from dancing). 

Get in tha mood (Out now!)

Get in tha mood (Out now!)

Send for a medic … so I can kill him too

There's an update to Tha Blood Dragon icon pack going on, and if you don't have it… its free, just hit the backstore or RSVP to this party:

This icon pack is insanely cool

It will be available Saturday the 15th and a special edition series will be given at the launch party attendees, just RSVP now and you're good:

… do it!

Tha Heart Color (Out now!)

Since this is the week where couples either make up or break up, you are strongly advise to get these to tha love of your life. Worked fo me 🙂

On the site:

In Google Play too: