Tha Icon

Tha Derezzed

Imagine yourself walking into a nightclub Friday, and one of my sirens hands you over this exclusive, high quality icon pack…

A soothing feeling awaits, RSVP now!

Without ME, it’s just AWESO.

Without ME, it’s just AWESO.

Tha Sentinel icons, crazy!

I don't know about you but the sentinels have to be the scariest machines ever… What's your nightmare creature?

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A very powerful icon pack!

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More than just a icon pack.
This one is everything you love in epic proportions, icon pack delivered through a weird freak party, better RSVP now… they're coming

Exactly that club… the one you followed the white rabbit in…

01 Day | 21 Hrs | 18 Min | 43 Sec

Nope, im not at CES!

But here's a nice CES pack!

it will be available on the site soon
To those who already have it… enjoy :)

Tha Exec, Out now!

If you haven't acquired this one yet… proceed to Google Play and enjoy!

Tha Badge icons, you see it first!

Making you some nice merit badges to savor during the event… 
The quality grade stuff will be available to those who take the red pill:

Tha Matrix pack!

totally… reloaded!
A sweet pack, refreshed and totally exclusive to attendees of that clandestine Euro-Matrix party Friday …yes its THAT good:

Icons – android – party … coooooooome ooooon is there a heaven?

Out now!

In case you haven't put your finger on those yet, they are out and about.

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Tester needed?

A few of these bad boys will be available here:
in like 06 Hrs | 34 Min | 02 Sec…

Yes.. its THAT exclusive! 

Best new year pack…. ever!

Get you fired up for a sweet party these icons will make your night!

All attendees of the New year Bash party will get this as they walk in:

+2014 this now! #newyearseve  

Simple, beautiful

A peek at some work done for the new years bash event. 

Only for attendees of the biggest android online party will be able to get their hands on this one! RSVP right now…

Don't worry about the bouncers YOU are on my guess list.

Crack tha superhero code?

If your icon pack doesn't let you do this, its doing it wrong.

To be released exclusively to attendees of  tha "New Years Bash" party, because we do this in style!  
That and many other surprises… Seriously, this one is not be missed.

Tha Gift, to you

I want to take a moment out of these crazy days to tell you how much i appreciate you. Yeah, i said YOU!

So in the tradition of giving. Accept this humble icon pack (free) by simply entering this code at checkout: muchlove

so from me and +Tha Agency  happy holidays 🙂

its here:
(good till midnight!!!)

Today, lets have patience

so much easier said than done

Tha Party was a blast!

Thanks to all those you stepped up to support! Because of your awesome … ness  we will do this again!

And since you guys had the great idea to tip in, ill upgrade the accounts so we have more nights like this.

When you can't get out, want to club, but stuck home.. THIS as to be the next best thing.

again. thank you.

*I find your lack of party disturbing *

Just making sure your collection is complete with Tha Vader and if you want to get them its simple… om to the after-party:

ill give some coupon codes away 🙂


On the way back

Just a footnote Tha Cyberpunk icon pack is on its way back.. sorry about the delay, just trying to crunch them into a diamond!

Tha C3p0 icons!

Today is the day to get these sweet android icons and the whole collection tonight exclusively in a historic event:

Because THIS is awesomeness i rented the whole club, like a boss.