Tha Icon

Be Rebel

These awesome Rebel pilot icons will make the whole Star Wars thing worth it…  And yes, they are brand spanking new!

Be the first on the planet to get them… ahem.. FREE!

Make things with passion

This pack reminds me why i got into making themes… 
To have fun and let you mind be free of trends and such. 

If you'd like to own that sweet Star Wars series of icon packs just head on to a unique icon/music/saber party Friday:

Tha Chip icons

Just bringing those updated beauties in your face.
Get them:

it's ok it's ok, i like them too

Tha R2-D2 icon pack!!!

Coming this Friday (you should have received a party invite already) this pack is remastered and updated to perfection! 

What is your favorite Artoo quote? 

Holly crap! Bring it on!

Here's a preview of the new remastered meanest Star Wars icon pack, called Tha Stormtrooper. 

first few releases distributed free during my Star Wars Party live Friday night! If you promise to come by….

(to be continued)

What do you call Stormtroopers playing Monopoly?

Game of Clones

Here's what im thinking, this week all new re-mastered Star Wars icon packs. And a closing party Friday with free packs?  Yes?

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you love Star Wars, may the force be with you. 

Tha Industrial icons

When you need to complete that steampunk look these quality metallic icons are the best.

Get them here:

Tha 2370's icons

Just a heads up for any Star Trek fan with a android device in its hand.
I gats that nice icon pack right here:

Also working on standalone LCARS set… 

Tha Themer icons, class!

In the same vein as "Tha Themer Color" these amazing icons are all yours here:

Super Clean!!!!!!!!!!

Want them free?

If there's a "scary" insane amount number of +1's here ill give it free right now!

Trend this… or… b e w a r e.

right here:


Tha Themer Color icons

Well, isn't that one of the cleanest meanest pack around or what!?
Get it here:

Icon making?

While giving you a daily dose of icons… i was wondering, how many of you have ever tried making icons?

Did you enjoy it?

This image is an actual icon from a new pack called Tha Colored Pencil available now right here:

While we're at it

I also gat that pink… yea yea Tha Inflatable pink… Who else thinks of the ladies? Me that's who!

Available here:

Tha Inflatable icons

Bubbly cuteness, these icons always felt kinda nice for me… 

Own it:

Off tha chain!¹

Tha Isoprene icons stands out with impressive finesse and style. These two icon packs complement each other to perfection.

Get them in white:
Get them in black:

¹When something is hot or ill.

Tha Polaroid icons

its amazing how good they look when you create folders!
i really recommend you get those in your arsenal… Classic!

Available here:

Tha Pencil icons

Everything handmade you'll surely adore!
BUT, they are scary because they reveal i have too much free time.

Get them here:

Latest greatest pack is out!!!

Tha Papercrush icons are ready for you with the most stimulating visual candy you have ever experienced! Since i know for a fact you appreciate quality, i made sure these were up to par!

Special time-limited discount! 50% off, Simply use coupon "crispy" at checkout 🙂

Get them here:

What's the best video tutorial?

You have ever seen?… like .. any links?  … anything worth mention?

If you wanna know, personally

i use Nova… i have yet to find something better.. but i haven't tried ALL launchers out there…

What YOUR favorite?