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Tha Iso icons

It's Monday, the best thing to do is to make icons fit nicely on your homescreen while looking extremely busy. Trust me, it works!

Start here:

Did i say pink?

I surely did, because if you dont know about Tha VIP series your kinda missing out.

Get them here if you haven't already:

Tha HD Metal icons

Sometimes you want a device to feel like one? This is it.

Get them here:

Tha Impressionist icons

Is it art? Is it madness? 
I dunno, but i can tell you for sure that the guys painting impressionism in 1885 is going WTF!?!

Available here:
Do take a look at the information tab as well…

Apk? or Zip?… Both!

A lot of you have been my customers for a long time and you know i have always offered my pack as .zip files with the images in. 

Well now this has changed, and you'll find a .apk theme file with every pack you get. 

If you "ONLY" want the apk file, you can buy it from the Google Play store.  ALL themes are under the account name +Tha Agency  in the store:

And what about this guy in the picture?
Well…. this guy is the best in the business at what he does. Balancing common sense and design flair he's been the apk side of Tha Icon for the past few years. Say thx to +Dave Kover  because that moment in the picture is the day we decided to give you everything you deserve!


Tha Korg Off icons

Looking for theming fun? Mix match this pack and its lite up counter part for "truly" unique setups… 

Its here:

Everything is gonna be alright

Find a best friend, spend the day together… You're gonna live forever!

Tha Steampunk icons

Totally revamped, redesigned and updated this classic needs no introduction.


Look at my Shinny balls!

I guess i should mention these awesome icons are available now and that the balls are a Christmas reference 🙂

Get them:

Elephant in the room?

Your new site feels different?
Well it should, since i have removed 617 icon styles (thats more icons than grass in your garden!) to simply refresh them, update them and make sure they are up to par.

They will be slowly coming back on the site, but meanwhile keep something in mind. As plucking all the grass in your garden strand by strand its a given i lost my mind long ago. 


Tha Snowflake icons

Almost done updating those… true to form not 2 are alike 🙂

I will get them ready before they melt:

xmas baby!

Tha Snow icons

Its winter, and lets face it… you wont find crazy nice icons like these anywhere! 

Oh Cooooome ON!

Tha Korg icons

Inspired by the korg-sv1-88 (search it) …  if you like industrial steampunk or vintage electronics, i gat your back!

Get them here:

Delivered with a quick install .apk !!!!! yay

Tha Candy Cane icons

Perfect for the holidays! This Christmas icon pack is the sweetest thing your phone will taste.

Get them here:

Take note, all packs from the site are now delivered with a theme .apk

Tha Mercury icons

This pack is awesome, but you already know that because its shinny and i looooove shinny things.

Get them here:

Big toys for big boys

Tell me, whats is the craziest toys you own?

incurable icon addiction

Tha Blue Meth pack is completed… A few hours before it kicks in.

Be right back

Maybe you weren't ready for that … but your kids are going to love it.

Tha Doctor Who Icons

Hummm i guess those are good for today? 
Get them all here:

Tha Pixel Art icon

Can you find the 28 icons hidden in this wallpaper by Nasc?
believe me this newest icons pack is so nice you'll have a hard time finding them! so freaking nice.

Coming December 1st, tons of new styles…