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Push the envelope


To attempt to extend the current limits of performance. To innovate, or go beyond commonly accepted boundaries.

Tha PS4 icons, FULL!

how clever… 🙂

4090 icons here:

How theming your phone affected you?

Some do it for fame, others for the girls, most do it for a chance to make money or simply to be the mightiest greatest screen in the room.

I personally started because i wanted my phone to look nice, but eventually saw how icons are everywhere and their crucial importance… i was hooked.

*Theming need to be included in the dictionary ASAP.

For my US friends

A little something that would theme your #VeteransDay if you feel like it, just get them free by entering "veterans" at checkout on the site.


Tha Poppy icons

A little something for #RemembranceDay get those icons free, simply enter "remember" at checkout… its on me.


Tha Mercury icons

These are part of a new series of crazy icon pack(s) ill put out in December… You happy?

Tha Rorschach icons

what do you see?

Tha Rorschach icons in the making, this icon pack (containing over 1500 fascinating inkblot test) made me crazy. But i could release it to you if there enough interest…

…Tha icon²…

Tha Slime icons

These are a Halloween classic… im surprised i haven't made them before today. Its all about good fun.

Right here:

#horror   #gory   #sticky   

So walking dead icons!

These zombies are so awesome i just can't get enough of bringing them back to life!

Get them here:

#walkingdead   #undead   #undeadoctober  

Your Halloween hook up

Working on weird stuff… What's your Halloween costume anyways?

Get Halloween goodies on sale here:

And this sticky gooey pack is almost done:

Tha Isoprene icons

A whole new level of clean, and if i had a Nexus 5 i would rock them instantly…  delivered in 2 states.

Available in the Play Store:

Or on the site:


+Jordan Keyes is the coolest guy ever. 

Reshared post from +xda-developers

Latest XDA News! Jordan Interviews Tha Phlash – XDA Developer TV

Jordan Interviews Tha Phlash – XDA Developer TV
This year’s Big Android BBQ was a great event. XDA Developer TV Producer Jordan was in attendance, and you have already seen him interview XDA Elite Recognized

Tha Blue Meth icons!

All week i've been cooking those Blue Meth icons because i can't get over Breaking Bad. Yes, i'm loosing my mind

#breakingbad   #awesomeness   #icons   #omg  

This is getting ready!

Just a little teaser for you… Minimal and versatile these are a class act all around. Textures are part of a healthy breakfast.

Tha Mahjong icons

Made these a while back…and since im in the process of updating it i  wanted to share them with you, just grab them free with the coupon code "serenity" to enter at checkout… tonight only!

Tha VIP Black pack is back!

You might wanna make sure you have this one tucked away somewhere…

Tha Powerful icons

These amazing icons will live up any screen, delivered in extreme HD and also the only place you can get 2 state icons ready for sweet customization.  

Right here:

Tha Autumn icons

Leaves are falling in my backyard…

Get those icons in special now:

In progress, any setup ideas?

I'm working on a bunch of styles inspired by synthesizers from the 70's… this is promising. What you think?

#steampunk   #vintage   #icons  

How i made my shoes!

Ok so a lot of folks have been asking how i made those awesome shoes i wore at the +Big Android BBQ 2013. Well … its all thanks to +Becky Stern  who took the time to deal with me and teach me the ways of tha samurai.  Thx gurl!

So there you go +Erica Joy … hope to see something glowing on you next year 🙂


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