Tha Icon

Tha Fpunk icons

A big Bundle of icons put together for tha music lovers…


Tha VIP Black

Majestic… Clean.. Minimal.


Which side are you on!?!

Made for those who might appreciate the craftsmanship that went into these thousands of icons engineered to fit the style of the new ingress game medals. You'll enjoy replacing the icon of your favorite app with a ingress medal look making it impossible to escape the grasp of this immerse android game. 
A battle is raging in the comments below! 

get them all here:

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The death of long-shadow flat style?

Not today! Say hi to Tha VIP icon pack. This is what you will need to do: Buy the icons, unzip them, put them on your sd card. Now you will need a app like Tha Icon Changer or change your icons one at a time, you can also get the theme on the play store, install and enjoy. The whole process takes a few minutes, but it's so worth it for these icons. Those juicy, succulent motherfuckers.

On my website:
the Google Play store links are on the page too. Enjoy my friends.

Tha 13 icons

Yup… something for every occasion!
Is evil i say… watch your back.


You coming to jam with me friends?

Reshared post from +Big Android BBQ

This is a party you DON'T want to miss! The +CyanogenMod Team is sponsoring the infamous +Phlash Tha who will be spinning tunes at the #BABBQ13 Closing Party this year!

Just one more reason you should buy your ticket NOW!!


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Tha Elevator icons

Just bumping those up since there freakin nice.


Tha Breaking Bad icons

I could tell you how amazing of an achievement it was for me to generate random numbers for each of the 2000 icons, or been able to print the icons file-name within the graphics and all kinds of unimaginable challenges….    

or simply tell you:
You look really nice today. It's the green. It brings out the seriousness in your eyes. 

Both are viable, both are true.

get them:

#breakingbad   #android   #icons  

Tha September 11 icons

Its a tradition for me to get these out every year for 24 hrs…
get them:

Tha Batman 07 icons

Batman & Superman VS Alien & Predator … im asking you…
Why the fuck not?

play on playa:

Tha Pill icons

Ridiculous the amount of times people ask me for candies!
…like i said, its coming…

Tester circle?

Word up, im getting ready to share my personal icon pack
(the one im actually using on my phone!)

Lemme know if you want to be in this icon pack "tester circle" so i can get your feedback while im finishing up rough edges. 

Just comment below, tell me how long you been using icon packs.

Tha Kit Kat icons

Anyone care to test those for me? (work in progress 🙂

get them here:

Tha Jarvis icons UPDATED

Everyone lucky enough to have test-drove "Tha Jarvis" today will have the chance to experience more depth with this free add-on.

Uploading now:

Tha Jarvis icons

This pack is very dangerous. To help you remain tranquil in the face of almost certain death, a buy button deployed in three. Two. One.

#superheroes   #jarvis   #ironman   #android    

Tha HAL 9000 icons

A reminder that it is made of pure Awesome.

Upcoming icon pack leak!

This set will be sooooo boss, almost ready for you to test.

Reshared post from +Android Dissected

Here's yet another little sneak peek at some upcoming icons, Tha JARVIS, that the amazing and awesome +Phlash Tha is doing for us for our 1st birthday that's coming up on Monday!!!

What's even more awesome is, you have a chance at possibly getting your hands on a set of these icons for….FREE!! All you have to do is stay tuned Monday during our birthday celebration as we'll be doing all sorts of crazy stuff including giving things away!!

So nice +Elton Woo  to see my paintings on g+

“proflinkPrefix”>+Elton Woo  to see my paintings on g+ .. its something i kept hidden 😛  …. my art is here: … but shhhhht!

Reshared post from +Elton Woo

In album Labour Day Weekend: 30 Aug. 2013

Tha Light Painting icons

Just in case you haven't, light paint something today!

see my other colors here:

…Meanwhile in my world

Almost done with this pack… icons are not even static images anymore, they are straight-up objects and i can't wait for the future to get here…