Tha Icon

Tha Ironman icon pack

Featuring a powered suit of armor along with other technological devices helping your phone to fight crimes. This set will keep you busy for a while!

The same version in silver is also included.

Make Starks Industries proud here:

Tha Graphite icons

The most stable form of carbon used in thermochemistry. This pack has a classic feel to it making your phone looking at is highest.

Get this massive set here:

Added a style to Tha Dark knight icon pack

This style is now added to Tha Dark Knight icon pack so its ever better than before because you now have two set for tha price of one! Sweet!

Get it right here Batman:

Tha Vintage icons

Originating from a previous era, a postmodern past beauty, rarity, and with unique features.

I bet this one would go great with Tha Steampunk: What you think?

Get the full vintage pack here:

Tha Dark Knight icon pack

Gotham's finest, a instant classic and the only way to get some Batman action on your screen!

Mister Wayne wants you to get those:

Tha Jelle icons

Are perfect for all your interface needs, while they are finger friendly they also look crisp, fresh and out of this world!

you can get the full pack of 1097 icons here:

Today i will also ask my supporters to do a good gesture and help me get a phone to test my icons, please vote for me here:
And help me get a galaxy nexus!!!!!! They will giveaway to the best themer, and after 250,000 icons made im sure i could be a strong contestant.

Tha Alienware icon pack

high-performance and graphically intense with a distinctive sci-fi styling. Its been requested a lot so i decided to make it, this is two full sets in one!

These extra-terrestrials can be found here:

Tha Battle Bay icons

This one will give extra-vehicular activity to your inteface with a nice science fiction feel who knows when you need to escape a vessel in an emergency!

jettison some fuel and get them here:

Tha Processor icon pack!

For a central processing unit to overcome severe limitation, get your device the architecture they deserve! My early experimental design of Tha Core gave rise to the era of specialized processor icons.

catch it here:

Tha Cube icon pack

For those who love cubical symmetry and are seduced by any three-dimensional objects (±1, ±1, ±1)
This one is for you!

Get your inner cubist satisfied here:

Tha Chalkboard icons

Easy on the eyes for those students out there! I guess i spend to much time in school, it affects my creativity…

Get them here:

Tha Landscape icons

Im experimenting with my icons a bit, these have amazing features to create a dynamic backdrop and other concepts with character. They would probably look awesome on a sea background… like little floating island.

Get some land here:
Also all my packs have free sample if you only wanna try them out!

Tha Gold Knob icon pack!

The ergonomical interface that one pulls or twists to change the settings of the controlled instrument. They are versatile and just look so damn good!

Get some button action going right here:

Tha Gears Of War icon pack!

Requested by fans to help in your desperate fight, last ditch attempt to save the remaining human inhabitants of the planet Sera from a relentless and virtually unstoppable subterranean enemy.

Get some right here:

Tha Oscilloscope icons

Uses cathode ray tubes as their display element and linear amplifiers for signal processing. They are made to go flawlessly with Tha Speaker icon pack for an amazing desktop.

Get this hot pack right here:

Tha Speaker ICONSSSS!!!!!

For electroacoustic loudspeaker systems lovers optimized for the lowest audible frequencies. If your into music, this one is a no brainer…

Wanna get it?? Bring tha noise right here:

Tha Concept Tree icon pack!

Somehow these reminded me of a traditional evergreen tree at Christmas made with scratchout paper. I found them quite interesting and unique so i wanted to share them with you.

And yes there 1097 of them that you can buy here for the price of a hot chocolate:

Tha Snow android icons

There was a snowfall on my icons last night! Giving you a nice fluffy packed down of crystalline ice effect beyond realism

And of course you can get them to make a snowman right here:

Tha Wreath icon pack

While im stressed because my hosting company sucks and crash, i wanted to do something that symbolize strength for your Christmas festivities to change my mind.

get it here, in case your stressed too:

Tha Stocking Christmas icons

Customize your phone to tells the history of a nice Christmas tradition that will make you overjoyed!
And as usual there's 1095 icons in this collection!

Want it now? You can buy this icon pack right here: