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SUPERMAN – Watch Face (Updated!)

It can be argued whether or not Supergirl is actually stronger than Superman…

but what can't be argued is that this watch face is only dangerously available here:

Well, wobble my webs and call me shaky!

It's SPIDER — the hippest watch face in the west!

Available here at some point today:

BATWATCH – Watch Face

Im almost done updating all hero watch faces, is there one missing from the collection that you think NEEEEEDS to be included?

Get it here:

Tha FLASH – Watch Face

⚡️Dear friends, that little lightning bolt might confuse you. This is because you keep expecting it to take you to all things⚡️

Available here today!!!


You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Got a message for you and your boys, listen." shoots

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Of couse some things are so freaking awesome that they MUST exist… So they do on my website :

There's still a few available with this coupon to enter at checkout: amazonian


Do you know, the original purpose of the Arc Reactor is to power electromagnetic coils that prevent shrapnel from entering Tony Stark's heart.

This one is updated and ready for you!


And with fifty-five seconds to spare.

Get down here:


AMERICA watch face updated!

So this is rolling out, hope you enjoy it!


Super smoothness

STATION 2.0 has with new features, so update your wrist!

Everything you need in a watch face will be right here:

STEAMPUNK – Watch Face (Out Now!)

Finally released a production version of that watch face i been working on like crazy for the past few weeks…

It features all the good stuff we usually have, with the additions of newly developed presets, and custom shortcuts…

Available here!

Out in the streets

Try this one on your watch, its work in progress so don't freak out but it would be nice if you want to join me.

Available here:


You will adorably loses your f**king mind when this is ready.

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dolla dolla bill y'all

Get any icon pack for a dolla until i can find my medication!

(Since they are ALL updated and fresh from the day, you may need to re-install them. Don't panic, you can't stop progress.)

In case you missed it

Ok, we've reached peek geek

Oh, It's On Now!

You didn't see that coming? 

IRON – Watch face:

(May not be up in the store for long so, get to it!)

#civilwar   #teamironman   #teamcaptainamerica  


Here's a little something that would go nicely with tha AMERICA watch face. (Do we also need a Iron man one?)



May it be Prince

…or developers. It's still art.

Big ass companies eat your creativity and make rules so you can't copy them… this is bullshit.

Reshared post from +Android Central

HTC Themes, icon packs, and copyright infringement: the situation one year on
HTC’s theme store has a lot going for it: highly customizable themes, lots of diverse content, and easy sharing. It also has a lot of developers going against it as they see sales slip down the drain thanks to icon packs being uploaded without the copyright holder’s consent.

PLAY – Icon pack

Play is hard to maintain as you get older. You get less playful. You shouldn’t, of course.

Available here for a limited time!