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Back To The Future Watch face!

Take note: If the watches have stainless steel bodies it improves the flux dispersal generated by the flux capacitor, and this in turn allows the users smooth passage through the space time continuum.

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Your STATION Watch Face gets Updated! 

Pumpkin delivery!

Because all you need to feel happy in October is a pumpkin icon pack and a barrel full of antidepressants.

Special price in effect all day:

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

So you're invited to download this icon pack and reflect on that.

Which of these 3 icons do you think is unthemed?

Get the latest COLORFUL icon pack, and find out the power of masking!

Top icon pack you should buy

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SPAWN Watch Face (fire Not included)

You'll have to burn your own arm.

Its coming soon. 
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WONDER Watch Face Looks Phenomenal!

Added this precious woman to the Hero Collection today 🙂

Take one free because you're awesome.
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New performance tune up!

So that your amazing new acquisition doesn't crash.

This REMARKABLE watch face is smooth as silk!

Mission Accomplished: Icons on sale for a day!

You can get the best icon packs for a tiny tiny price today, so low that Google Play freaks out if go lower.

It all starts in a few minutes, and here's the list of goodies:

DOT – 
BLK – 
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Impossible overlay

I been wondering for a long time if this can be done, has anyone ever saw a peek card under a layer instead of on top of it? Can this be done?

Im asking because sometimes i can imagine things but i wonder if im going too far. A preliminary research on this was depressing so.. yeah.

This is my latest watch face called REMARKABLE it should appear in Play listing soon, else you can go directly here:


You might have to go through a wall of anxiety in order to get it because i've just published it here, and they may be a slight delay depending where you at.

Grab your copy HERE:

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Sneek peek

this is coming along nicely, stay tuned!

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Ok, what's next?Im trying to find which hero to do next and why

Ok, what's next?

Im trying to find which hero to do next and why. Would love some suggestions people.

Take these 50 PUNISHER watch face as a token of my appreciation.
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Also i think the AMERICA watch face finally hit Play so you can grap it there:

AMERICA Watch Face available for the 4th of July!!!

To all my USA friends that enjoy the very best.
Here's a little gift you will love, limited time SALE on all watchfaces! (and if you know me, you know that shall not last long!)








The specials should come in effect in a few minutes, this is all very fresh.

Peace, your homie 


You don't need a watch

but if you're going to wear one anyway, you should have it make a statement.

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When i'm sad and receive the 5.1.1 update

I stop being sad and be awesome instead.

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Amazing SPIDER watch tingling

I'll just warn you that if you check for this watch face on the Play store your mileage may vary. What Google think is "amazing" differs vastly.

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SUPERMAN – Watch face (underground)

You probably won't find this one in Google Play. But i was compelled to have this on my wrist, im giving you a few so you can share the dream.

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Top pick of the day!

Just wanted to share the excitement with you guys. I've just updated my daily driver tha BATWATCH and giving a few away.

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