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Can’t find a icon pack you know i made?

So you have this icon pack named x and you know i made it but you can’t find it anywhere? And links that pointed somewhere on my website seems dead? Well here’s the answer…

They still are on my website but simply moved to a private section. This is because a lot of those packs were made a while ago and instead of maintaining a insane amount of icon packs, only the updated packs are publicly visible.

If you really are a hardcore icon user you can always purchase a “backstore pass” from my site that will give you the opportunity to buy any of my old 500 icon packs.

If you buy a backstore pass on my site my old icon packs will become available for purchase. The backstore pass kinda unlocks more icon packs visible from my website.

At that point, when my website is unlocked, you should see all the icon packs i’ve made over the past few years, and they will be available to purchase at 2$ each.

The Backstore pass is available for 20$ i know its not cheap, but will give you tons of icons.

Again, if you wonder, the reason those icon packs are not publicly available is because i have to redraw a lot of them with more current apps, but if its something that doesn’t bother you, you’ll be able to get those older icon pack.

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