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1- Watch Face Questions

Sometimes it can take a while for the watch face to appear (up to an hour or 2) in the Android Wear app after you have purchased from Google Play. Not sure whats causing it but it’s not related to the watch face in itself but rather the installation process.

So if something go wrong in installation its usually recommend to re-install it using those steps:
1. Disconnect devices (watch and phone)
2. Uninstall the watch face
3. Restart watch and connect device again
4. Then finally re-install the watch face

That should start it right away, and that tip works for pretty much all apps Android Wear related.


Actually they do work, you simply need to “Long tap” the option you select instead of a “simple-tap”. Also note that the watch face settings menu on the watch doesn’t have a memory of the “last pressed state” of a button, so whenever you re-enter the settings the options are always listed the same, even if the active option is not the one highlighted in the menu by default just remember that this list is static and you’ll be fine.

Accessing the settings from the watch directly is quite nice, but note that it better to access those settings from the phone. Yep from the Android Wear app, when you select a watch face you see a little cog icon on the watch face to access its settings. This is much better since a lot of options are only found there and not on the watch directly.


Here’s how to reset your colors in the REMARKABLE watch face.

First you need to tick that check-box beside “Reset All Colors” section (1)
Then switch between Day and night mode (2) to activate the reset.



To switch the weather reading from Celsius or Fahrenheit, you simply need to go in the android wear app, select your watch face and go into its setting by tapping the little cog icon in the middle of the watch face.

When in General setting, simply scroll down to the weather section.



The watch faces will work on all devices that support Android Wear.

Heres a list:

  • Sony SmartWatch 3
  • Samsung Gear Live
  • LG G Watch
  • LG G Watch R
  • LG Watch Urbane
  • Motorola Moto 360
  • Asus ZenWatch
  • Asus ZenWatch 2
  • Huawei Watch
  • Motorola Moto 360 2 (second generation)
  • LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE
  • Tag Heuer Connected
  • Fossil Q Founder

If your watch isn’t listed chances are its not running Android Wear, but again i don’t know all the watches in the world, this is something you need to find out yourself, perhaps by looking at the box? Just look for this: Android Wear.




Sometimes i have reports of force close on watch faces and im working on a fix. If right after installation of the software the watchface is crashing i usually advise to reinstall the software. And it works.

But we have recently found out (thx Javier) that if the watch is out of Bluetooth range from the phone and later tries to reconnect back within range of the phone the software crashes. The culprit is in the weather notification on the watchface that is causing the crash. If I turn off weather notification everything functions normally when the watch reconnects back within range of the phone.

We have since uninstalled and reinstalled the software couple times for testing purpose. A re-installation will temporarily fix the problem until the watch or phone tries to reconnect when they get out of range from each other. (Weather notification on)


I understand that Watch faces in Android Wear run continuously on the device, and how critical it is that it uses power efficiently.

All my watch faces are tested to be optimized in this regard (i also wear them constantly). Yet there’s always a way to make it even more supercharged. Here’s a few tips you can try to save battery life on your new acquisition:

  • Disable the weather
  • Choose a longer refresh interval for weather data pull
  • Set the second hand to “tick” instead of “sweep”
  • Turn off the display and notifications temporarily with Theater mode.
  • Turn down your watch screen brightness.
  • Set your screen to turn off when it is idle.
  • Limit the number of notifications that you see on your watch.


You’ll have to find your own balance, because the way you use your watch is going to be different than the way I use mine.


This mode helps the device conserve power. My designs makes it clear to the user that the screen is in ambient mode. The background color scheme is strictly limited to black, white, and grays.

After all, it’s all about saving on battery life, right? And displays are one of the biggest power draws on any mobile device.

Also in this mode, the screen is only updated once every minute. We only show hours and minutes in ambient mode not seconds. I’m currently adding more options to control the ambient mode on all our watch faces. Thanks for your patience.


Is it possible to increase or decrease the duration of a timeout. I prefer to have this on for longer duration before going ambient mode, might be a battery guzzler, but once a while to show off.

I will look into this but for now, timeout isn`t configurable by my watch faces. Although you can change timeout duration with special apps like


Occasionally the api from the weather provider gives out a code that the watch faces interprets as a long list of seemingly random numbers, and in turns you may wonder how to fix it.

You can of course try to uninstall and reinstall the watch face, but so far just waiting for the weather to update and fix itself as been working pretty good. So i know its a weird advice, but just wait it out it will be fine in a day.


Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch have OLED displays that may suffer from screen burning if an image is displayed in the same position for a longer time. To prevent screen burning these watches will shift the dimmed screen around at random so that the image is not displayed at the same position all the time. There is no way to turn this off.
If you have a watch with LCD display like Motorola 360 or LG G watch this will not happen.


All my Watch faces uses http:⁄⁄⁄ to get weather updates. Also weather show current weather based on your position when available. I have been looking into integrating more weather service provider, please be patient.


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