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RANDOM is coming back!!!

Well it seems 2017 is gonna be good because guess what? After been suspended for 3 years the Google Play team has decided to give it another chance! (Google has been suprising me a lot lately)

A bit of history for those who don't know:

In early 2014 i made a special icon pack that was gonna mirror my phone homescreen and change the users icon style every other day, depending on what i was using. This mostly came about because there's over 750 icon packs in my collection and simply could not make every single one a standalone app.

That project was well received and really build up a community of themer enthusiast like i never seen before. I had no idea just how much ppl would enjoy having their icons on auto-pilot and waking up to a surprise every few days.

But then something weird happen. Because of the frequent updates i was basically getting my app reviewed everyday by the Google robots, really increasing my chances at the russian roulette (not to mention my price was also randomly fluctuating between 199.00$ to 9.99$)

Sometimes i push things too far, i know…

So after some discussion with the Google Team we came to a agreement that i would be careful from now on.

So to celebrate this turn of events ill be uploading tha fireworks icon pack to it for the new year, and want to welcome all of you who already invested you hard earn cash into that app to enjoy its return!

Achievement Unlocked!ο»Ώ

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