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Tha Icon update and its story

I proudly announce that my latest update to Tha Icon is complete!

A whooping 350 icons were added to the already kicking 747… for a grand total of 1097 icons per pack.

But how hard and why is it something im very proud of?

Well, put it this way for you who got a pack its fun to have it updated… although your still gonna sleep tonight. But for me its a totally different story. You see i have over 200 styles of icon packs in this crazy collection so anyone with basic math skills can calculate my ordeal.

350 icons x 200 packs x 2 sizes… = ?

yeah… ill leave you to answer in the comments below… and you see just why its a achievement as far as im concerned.

Also another thing to mention is that the new additions are mostly oriented towards sports fans. with a few missing apps icons here and there. the next update won't be right away but as soon as i can muster the courage to get back at it… i will be!

And as usual if you leave a comment below to celebrate with me, you have a good chance to win the icon pack of your choice

Don't wanna wait? Need instant gratification? You can buy a icon pack right here:

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