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You're one bad day away from being me

Not even a warning this time. Im suspended and i can no longer work for Android. It was a fun run but i hope you guys learn from my adventure.

The real Punisher seems to be in the offices of Google.

here's some details i want to let you know first, and that i believe will matter in this story.

I can draw so the images i used are made from scratch with a pen on paper. I made sure it was a white skull but made my own version (longer teeth, wider eyes, different jaw etc to accommodate my design) i think these subtleties matter because its not a rip-off of a trademarked logo. nor does any copy/paste is going on here.

I asked a few friends if punisher was a real word and felt confident it was.

At last ressort in my mind i thought that IF anything was amiss i would get a fair warning and a chance to adjust to comply with anything Ready to change the name if thats the problem, or even the design! (hell i was even prepare to make it a skull with 3 eyes if i had to.)

Sadly, no second chances today. all i had was a email with what google calls a "Strike" … basically something that completely shuts you down.

Yes i had previous strikes in the early 2010's when google was even more merciless and never was able to contest those, even thought they were unfounded! (at that time google was a straight up robot and had NO communication whatsoever, now it seems a bit better at least, albeit not in my particular case this morning.)

So today, i need to face the facts. I can no longer release anything for you guys anymore. Ever.

Thanks for being with me all these years! Im really grateful for that, and you made me. I tried my best to release thing YOU wanted and deliver refine quality material.

… So long andy.

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