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Backstore Pass


This is a exclusive VIP pass to let you unlock the backstore where you can buy over 300 styles (Download Catalog.pdf) delivered in .zip format. A chance to see and grab the most amazing pack on earth!


Additional Notes

There is no .apk theme file with this product.

Got it? The icon packs in the backstore are strictly .zip files
Preview packs included Download .pdf
  1. Brandon Feldmeier

    Awesome, I'm extremely anxious. I've been missing the plethora I used to peruse in the old site.
    PS +Phlash Tha I wouldn't have said anything bout the backstore unless I had seen up on your new site 1st, which I

  2. Jim G

    The background reminds me if BioShock!

  3. Brian Uline

    Finally +Phlash Tha diversifies his offerings into hookers and blow. :P Backstore is going to be epic!

  4. Phlash Tha

    +Jim G nope its actually blade runner inspired... here's the source "future_bar_by_drawingnightmare" of the original artist.

  5. Jim G

    +Phlash Tha Ahh nice. Just as awesome!

  6. Mitch Yarberry

    Ready for it!

  7. Mitch Yarberry

    Will you be giving more info as time passes on whats in store for us dude? I was confused kinda by what your site said about the backstore...

  8. Phlash Tha

    +Mitch Yarberry what do you wanna know?... ill do my best to enlighten you.... 

  9. patrice rault


  10. Mitch Yarberry

    +Phlash Tha Yopur site says $20 gets access etc.... does that mean you get all those icon packs? That would just be shear awesomeness on an unmeasurable scale dude!

  11. Phlash Tha

    +Mitch Yarberry it means you can buy those icon packs zip file... they are not free, but discounted to a very good price.  

    Since they dont come with a .apk ... they are out of public access... getting the backstore pass, gives you this access.

  12. Mitch Yarberry

    That's still awesome & worth it dude

  13. Phlash Tha

    +Mitch Yarberry considering a lot of packs are less than a dollar.... yeah... its a little heaven on earth :)

  14. Brandon Feldmeier

    +Phlash Tha Would be really cool if you threw a couple Backstore passes up for grabs at the party? :fingers crossed:

  15. Phlash Tha

    +Brandon Feldmeier depends on the tippers... better make it rain!

  16. Heather Lamb

    Do the packs work with the same launchers as your other site?

  17. Phlash Tha

    +Heather Lamb Sadly nope, that why they are in the backstore, no theme files have been made of them... but the icons themselves are in a .zip files and still allow changes but one icon at a time.

  18. Heather Lamb

    No worries, if I see something I like, I can always buy and figure out the installation later :)

  19. Phlash Tha

    +Heather Lamb you're the nicest :)

  20. Brandon Feldmeier

    +Heather Lamb when you grab a pack you can get help in Tha Icon community. Join & there's lots of us that will be glad to give you a hand. :-)

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