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This icon pack is black and white. Create an intuitive and ergonomic homescreen with easy navigation and interaction. BLK really makes it nice.


Icons Included


Icon size

144 Pixels, 192 Pixels

Type of Files

.apk, .zip

Supported Launchers

Nova, Action, Apex, Holo, Smart, Aviate, Inspire, ADW, Next, Atom, Go, Nine, Solo, Tsf, Lucid

Samples there's no samples for this pack
  1. These look nice. Kinda old-fashioned, newspaper feeling icon pack. :-)

  2. Stop it, please

  3. These look awesome

  4. whos that woman?

  5. +OLIVER W Google/YouTube: die antwoord

  6. +OLIVER W that's yolandi from die antwordt or however you spell it

  7. +Phlash Tha is black available for testers yet? If so will you link me? The above link only takes me to the community and ive scrolled and scrolled and scrolled...

  8. Looks awesome! Keep em comin

  9. Sent request for Tha VIP Club ..

  10. Now this is a pack I can dig +Phlash Tha. High res?

  11. Anymore room phrase?

  12. +Eric W. Johnson if your already a VIP you have a spot. Just go to the Play Store Tester link when he posts it in the VIP Community.

  13. Thanks my icon aficionados.. im working on it full-time, a pre-release will hit tha VIP's this week. 

  14. Hurry!

  15. To late to apply on Vip?

  16. Excited... I feel like using profanity, so rock the Fuk on phlash ☺

  17. +Phlash Tha Would you please accept me in your community? I've send the request a few weeks ago and got no answer :(. Thanks.

  18. superbe

  19. +Alex Silva You need a avatar.. minimum. This is a exclusive club you know, there's a dress code.

  20. +Phlash Tha What about me ?

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