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CAPACITOR is a modern digital and analog watch face for Android Wear. This portable flux capacitor was made when i came back from the future and couldn’t find where i parked the DeLorean. This watch face can be hard to tell time on but its the only one that makes you time travel …if you can run 88 Mph of course.


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Supported Launchers

Android Wear, round and square watch like Moto360, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3 & Asus ZenWatch.

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Alternate Download google-play
  1. I want a smart watch just so I can have this face!

  2. Bought!

  3. Installed

  4. So dope!!!

  5. Keeps crashing when I light up the face

  6. +Braden Nida  I just put out a fix for that little crash... give it a few minutes to appear in the updates. Meanwhile disable the weather will let you off the hook for a bit.

  7. What about the iOS

  8. Bought it but it isn't showing up in my android wear :(

  9. +Tha PHLASH werd-up

  10. +Emaduddin Ahmad  we need our Android watchface to work on iOS... but iOS dont wanna let me :(

  11. Bought! Another great one! Thanks!

  12. +Christy Wiley  Sometimes it can take a while for the watch face to appear. 

    Not sure whats causing it but it’s not related to the watch face in itself but rather the installation process.

    So if something go wrong in installation its usually recommend to re-install it using those steps:
    1. Disconnect devices (watch and phone)
    2. Uninstall the watch face
    3. Restart watch and connect device again
    4. Then finally re-install the watch face

  13. Nice!

  14. +Tha PHLASH I am getting app crashes when accessing the settings in AW. I saw that the labels on the top weren't showing on top showing the general settings tab vs others so I swiped left to access the other screens. that fixed it from crashing right away, but I am getting crashes when trying to turn on and off the weather. I think it hasn't updated yet and the app may be looking for data? 

    Oh and how do you get the charge to go off like in the pic?

    Lovely face btw! Big fan!

  15. Buying, even though my watch is dead at the moment.

  16. Think I might have to buy this..... And I don't even have a watch yet lol. Looks awesome +Tha PHLASH

  17. That's cool as hell +Tha PHLASH​ ??

  18. love it, now I just need a star wars watch face

  19. +Jim L The fixed version is 25... you might be running the version 24 i had this morning.... try to verify for me? Thanks man!

  20. +Philip Collins  You know me and you know i thought about it... but its kinda risky... 

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