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Modern analog and digital watch face for Android Wear. Imagine a war that’s civil all because this guy with a bada55 armor is fighting with another one that really love his shield (i dunno, he just likes it.) Based on STATION it includes the weather, a fun color picker for the extra elements and much more.


Type of Files


Supported Launchers

Android Wear, round and square watch like Moto360, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3 & Asus ZenWatch.

  1. Nakeva Corothers


  2. Mad Season

    Iron Girl +Willie Bo Jackson​ 😏😂

  3. Tha PHLASH

    +Mad Season  iron kitty +Willie Bo Jackson  its coming don't give up!

  4. Willie Bo “Bigdogbo” Jackson

    +Mad Season careful, your jealousy, as well as your girl panties are showing.

  5. Mad Season

    You said you liked my panties +Willie Bo Jackson​ 😍😛😍😍😘

  6. Tha PHLASH

    Drama! drama! drama! We demand it!!! #CivilWar  

  7. Jose Azua (FlyingRhinoCMG)

    +Tha PHLASH I think you'll have to call it metal man?

  8. Noah Johnson

    come on

  9. Jim L (kpjimmy)

    Insta buy!! Oh and sent you a msg ;)

  10. Noah Johnson

    K SO

  11. Kevin Klawes

    I've been wanting Iron Man since you came out with America!

  12. mohd  raza

    hello bro

  13. Ace Master

    dude so cool wish i had one

  14. Rogelio Torres

    Yes please do iron man!

  15. johnny flores

    Awww man.. My Huawei watch to a crap, this is the kind of watch face I've been looking for... Gotta wait for one on the Gear s2 now

  16. Marc Wenning

    Very nice, yes need iron man to go with it.

  17. Waliu Mustapha

    +Tha PHLASH, dude. No love for Batman v Superman? I can't see it anywhere? You have Deadpool and Star Wars. Come on, man! Hit me with something, please! :)

  18. lumumba khafra

    So many many watch faces

  19. Tha PHLASH

    Promo: 76N066BTZ5CM15LCTT2LBPQ 
    (let us know when used)

  20. johnny flores

    +Tha PHLASH used thanks... Awesome watch face

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