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modern analog watch face for Android Wear with designed to replicate the shape of a cockpit instrument taken from an aircraft and use highly legible dials.


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Android Wear, round and square watch like Moto360, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3 & Asus ZenWatch.

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  1. patou raoult

    magnifique c'est montre

  2. Martin Guay


  3. Ben Goodridge

    Purchased :)

  4. Lance Stratton

    Done and shared!

  5. Jason Henson “MrBoostinduced” ATOMIC RAVEN WATCHES

    Man Phlash, you take all my monies...

  6. Darryl “Ustād” Barnes


  7. Deldrick Ellsberry


  8. Ryan Scott (ChiefzReloaded)

    That's sick! I never expect less from you though bro +Tha PHLASH wish I had a watch to rock it on lol. Again though great job.

  9. Ryan Scott (ChiefzReloaded)

    +Daniel Ortiz +Adam Outler you guys should check these out.

  10. Matthew James R

    How I there's a reason to get a smart watch

  11. Heather Lamb

    Got it, rated it, shared it. Done :)

  12. Brad “Sparkyman” Bertolotti

    Very nice.

  13. Robert T. Best

    Damn that is hot.

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