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INTERNATIONAL is a modern analog and digital watch face for Android Wear 2.0 with harmonious design that balances form, function and feel. It will fill your heart with joy.

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Supported Launchers

Android Wear, round and square watch like Moto360, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3 & Asus ZenWatch.

Samples There's no samples available
Alternative Download google-play
  1. No gif ?

  2. +Mad Season Nah ..i went for my hairy arm instead. Realness 100% !!!!

  3. Wow, that looks great! The watch, that is - not the hairy arm. ;-)

  4. Play Store says my device is not compatible. I have a Google Pixel XL and LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE.

  5. +Mark Day​ mine says sane also

  6. Pretty!

  7. Everyone look out!
    You need to search and install from the Play Store on the watch
    For Android Wear 2.0 Google wants watch apps as standalone. That way its available even to watches that are connected to iPhones

  8. +Tha Phlash​ oh, my watch hasn't received AW2.0 update yet.

  9. Umm, you don't show up on watch play store under tha phlash lol. And not under "international watch face". That's a pain. Guess I'll email myself the link and try to open on watch

  10. There has to be easier way, but I finally found you on watch play store

  11. +Blair Ginley yeah trying to control the search-results-from-play-store-watch search feels impossible.

    No matter what i tried google has made other results come up first, even if they have nothing to do with the search term.

    I hope they fix that at some point because its tedious for nothing but i just need to see what happens.

  12. +Mark Day What kind of watch you have? No 2.0 on it? ... aye aye aye you're missing out on a otherwise great update. It gave a new life to my watch for real.

  13. Aw 2 is such a great improvement

  14. +Tha Phlash LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE Edition. LG users are not pleased with LG for holding out on the update.

  15. It feels like they made it super hard to find great faces now by separating the faces from the playstore on 2.0 Maybe some sort of integration with the phone as well that triggers the option to add it to the watch even if that's the only purpose for the phone app. +Tha Phlash

  16. By the way nice watchface!

  17. +Mark Day damn.. your watch could genuinely just run the thing, its powerful enough... What's the hold up?

  18. +Tha Phlash that's the question we're all asking. Can't get a straight answer from LG. The update was supposed to be released in May. Here it is almost July and still nothing.

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