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This icon pack is an experiment in usability. It should, in principle, help you create an intuitive and ergonomic homescreen with easy navigation and interaction. KEX is simple, beautiful.


Icons Included


Icon size

192 Pixels

Type of Files


Supported Launchers

Nova, Action, Apex, Holo, Smart, Aviate, Inspire, ADW, Next, Atom, Go, Nine, Solo, Tsf, Lucid

Samples there's no samples for this pack
Alternate Download google-play
  1. Jens H.

    +Phlash Tha uuuuuh! Sweet. Good job again.

  2. Antonio Gioia


  3. Bryan Dickson

    Tha best! We need a #party to celebrate!

  4. Nicolas Sincere

    Is this another one we can only get in the backroom vip thing as well?

  5. Paulo Raoult


  6. Ben Goodridge


  7. Phlash Tha

    Yes! We made it to the Nova Changelog 
    Get that puppy!

  8. Paulo Raoult

    merçi a toi ,toujours un excellent boulot

  9. Carlos B

    +Phlash Tha categorize the icons please.. Its time consuming looking for the apps. Thanks bud.

  10. Aaron Huffman

    +Phlash Tha I'm wondering if you are willing to add theme engine support to your icon packs, I like to use the stock/Google Now launcher although I'm not able to use your awesome icon packs.

  11. Pepijn Kummel

    Man, could not resist, they are awesome!

  12. Phlash Tha

    +Carlos B  Yup..ill do it if you five star! lol ... +Aaron Huffman  have you tried? I think it works.

  13. Aaron Huffman

    +Phlash Tha
    I guess not, does it work? I don't have $4 in my Play Store balance right now.

  14. Phlash Tha

    +Aaron Huffman ok i thought you tried... 

  15. Aaron Huffman

    +Phlash Tha I tried in a previous pack and, there's only various launcher support not for theme chooser in various roms/winterboard on android.

  16. Lance Stratton

    Digical doesn't appear to work

  17. Phlash Tha

    +Lance Stratton   you are right.. digical has a typo.. ill fix and push a update later.. bro.. you are tester GOLD!

  18. Lance Stratton

    Well, I try. Haha

  19. Heather Lamb

    Bought it. Love it. Even a newbie can get it to work on Nova. :) :) : )

  20. JB Holland

    Amazing job sir. Only icons I would pay for!!!

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