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NOW is a modern digital and analog watch face for Android Wear with the mechanics of numbers on a spinning disc dial. A stubble reminder of the past present and future, it includes the weather and a fun color picker for the extra elements.


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  1. Quentin Jenkins (El Hefé)

    Very nice

  2. Josh Smith

    +Tha PHLASH​ never fails to deliver

  3. Corey M (EnemyofGLaDOS)

    Nice dude

  4. Lukas König

    Instabuy. I wrote a review on Google Play and, as I said there, for me the only thing that is missing is an ambient screen.

  5. Luis Cortes


  6. patou raoult


  7. Russell Nichols (rusty804)

    GD I am so lookn 4ward to pickn out a watch to rock these on +Tha PHLASH​! Great work, bro, u excel at all u do, broxx

  8. Art Gill (GillRigged)

    Oh fuck yeah!

  9. Serra Behymer

    Sweet Jeebus, I can't wait to have enough extra money to get a Moto360 so I can get ALL of your watch faces!  <3

  10. Tha PHLASH

    +Serra Behymer can't wait to make special watch face for you :)

  11. Ian -pio_masaki- McNicholas

    Take more of my money!

  12. Chris Holt

    Gorgeous! But I expect no less from Phlash.  :)
    Purchased NOW.

  13. Serra Behymer

    +Tha PHLASH Aww, you'd make a special one just for little old me to celebrate me actually having money for once and getting a Moto360? <3

  14. Shaka Flowers

  15. Kurt Weisman

    Installing now. I'm feeling that future anticipation.

  16. Marc Wenning

    +Tha PHLASH is the Digital clock always 24 hr time or can you change it to 12hr?  I didnt see a setting for that.

  17. Tha PHLASH

    +Marc Wenning im working on it with +Lance Stratton  so we should have that setting switch up real soon... 

  18. mariska jongmans

    :-$ hahahaha.....

  19. Tha PHLASH

    +mariska jongmans euphoria? :D

  20. Sirajuddin Ahmed

    +Tha PHLASH you are awesome! I would love to see the place you work, maybe a setup video of some kind?

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