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This icon pack is from my classic collection, and classic for a reason. It’s the Halloween Orange version of Tha DOT icon pack.


Icons Included


Type of Files


Supported Launchers

Nova, Action, Apex, Holo, Smart, Aviate, Inspire, ADW, Next, Atom, Go, Nine, Solo, Tsf, Lucid

Sample There's no sample for this pack
Alternate Download google-play
  1. Just in time for the Fall.

  2. Orange Is The New Pack

  3. Thread hijack:

  4. That promo image 😘

  5. +Corey James you win best comment ever.
    (im so stealing it)

  6. Love the Halloween colors and themes!

  7. +Tha PHLASH these are dope i have original ones on my phone now.

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