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Tha Clean Circle


Inspired by Circle a App to Find your Friends, Contacts and Suggested Contacts that are nearby, anywhere in the world!


Icons Included


Icon size

200 Pixels

Type of Files

.apk, .zip

Supported Launchers

Nova, Apex, Action Launcher, ADW /Ex, GO Launcher/EX, Holo Launcher

Samples Available right here!
Alternative Download google-play
  1. Phlash Tha

    Fact: At least 75% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow.

  2. Ashley Albans

    yay im in the 25%

  3. Ste Boyd

    Funnier trying to lick your own ear. ;)
    Nice clean icons these.

  4. Ashley Albans

    if i get my tunnels much bigger I could probls lick my ear

  5. Ste Boyd

    Yeah 1% of the population put tubes in their ears too. #trollolol

  6. Phlash Tha

    hahaha.... and this is how lick your elbows goes to ear tubes!

  7. Jeff MacDonald

    Oh I love these icons

  8. Ste Boyd

    Back on topic now. :p

  9. Uniqu


  10. Ed Holley

    Damn nice

  11. Nathan Patton

    so phlash and so clean

  12. Tim Scarborough

    Another great set of icons. Keep 'em coming!

  13. Joshua Jones

    Really like your icon packs. Any chance you will be adding an imo icon soon? I only have a couple icons on my homescreen but thats 1 of them! haha

  14. Ste Boyd

    And Solid Explorer :)

  15. Christopher Hall


  16. Cindy N

    I would love to see a theme created for this icon pack. I'd buy it in a second! But in the meantime I just had to purchase the pack.

  17. Andy Bennett

    Where can I buy from pls?

  18. Phlash Tha

  19. Brian Hennemuth

    One of my super favorites, just had to tripple +1 this (the 2nd took away the 1st one, ha ha)

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