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Tha Drop


A drop is a small column of liquid, bounded completely or almost completely by free surfaces.

Icons Included


Icon size

192 Pixels

Type of Files


Supported Launchers

Nova, Action, Apex, Holo, Smart, Aviate, Inspire, ADW, Next, Atom, Go, Nine, Solo, Tsf, Lucid

Samples Available right here!
Alternative Download google-play
  1. Jim G


  2. Jim G

    Please add Touchdown HD +Phlash Tha 

  3. Jason Newman

    Wow! These are sexy! Nice work +Phlash Tha!

  4. Marissa Alexander

    Can't wait! Always wanted an apk of these!

  5. Justin Underwood

    I'll be picking these up.!

  6. Phlash Tha

    +Marissa Alexander With the new (secret technology) we are using on this one.. it will be quite nice. And if you already bought it on my site the new apk addition will be on the house!

  7. Justin Underwood

    +Phlash Tha could you post once they are up? Checking like crazy now and killing my battery haha!

  8. david bool

    Oh mais il est en forme +Phlash Tha en ce moment

  9. the1dynasty

    And he delivers again!

  10. christian wölfel


  11. Dominik Kugelmann


  12. Jake Boyer

    Can't wait!

  13. Jack Sörensen


  14. Justin Underwood

    Not getting much done at work in the past few hours... Gotta keep checking the play store!

  15. Marvin Ferrell

    Did these drop yet? Pun intended.

  16. Rumit dhamecha


  17. Phlash Tha

    They are still been worked on... won't be long! another day or 2?

  18. Jim G

    +Phlash Tha Please add Touchdown HD?!

  19. Jason Cancel

    +Phlash Tha OMG... I've used these b4!!! These are Awesome!! Welcome back!!

  20. Benny G

    Can't wait to download these!

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