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Tha Hole


These icons are good for a lot of amazing setups because of their versatility… punched in beauty!


Icons Included


Icon size

144 Pixels, 192 Pixels

Type of Files

.apk, .zip

Supported Launchers

Nova, Action, Apex, Holo, Smart, Aviate, Inspire, ADW, Next, Atom, Go, Nine, Solo, Tsf, Lucid

Samples Available right here!
Alternative Download google-play
  1. Those look sweet!

  2. oooo a clean looking version of my fav tha scratchout very nice.

  3. Awesome work :o)

  4. Are they in your app?

  5. not yet +Andy Bennett ... ill update the app soon, sorry for the wait.

  6. Dont care how many credits, I NEED THESE ICONS TODAY :-)..
    Can u give an ETA please.. Thanks, love yr work..

  7. ill do as fast as i can +Andy Bennett for sure... don't break your keyboard! :)

  8. To late.. Arggghhhhhh :-P

  9. If I buy them.from the link at Top of page how do I install and get them.on screen?

  10. +Andy Bennett .. take folder with images.. put on sd card... then use your launcher to change icons...

  11. Sorry, can u spell it out.. Novice here.!

  12. Now those are just Bitchin!

  13. Very nice.

  14. These are cool

  15. do you have to change them one at a time to install the set? Or is it an icon pack I can use with Apex/Nova.  I've been looking for these icons  everywhere since I saw them on someone's setup on

  16. +Phlash Tha ive got 4 credits left in your app.. Could you take the credits and email me a link to tha hole icons..?

  17. well +Gunny Wallen  and +Andy Bennett  you need "Tha icon Changer" to have your phone make the themes... its thats where you wanna go...

  18. Ok. Thanks

  19. I use your app, search and apply one by one.. It's a bit long.but the styles are.worth it.. Did you read my.question. 2 comments up..

  20. check the FAQ for install instructions ... The app and the website are two different entities sorry.

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