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Tha Mercury


Inspired by mercury is the only metal that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure but be careful most of these compounds are extremely toxic and must be handled with care.


Icons Included


Icon size

144 Pixels, 192 Pixels

Type of Files

.apk, .zip

Supported Launchers

Nova, Action, Apex, Holo, Smart, Aviate, Inspire, ADW, Next, Atom, Go, Nine, Solo, Tsf, Lucid

Samples Available right here!
Alternative Download google-play
  1. Soon... very soon

  2. What is the reflection ?

  3. +Adam Hebert  a random place i mainly used because it had the perspective and layout elements i liked for this effect. The main challenge always been to make them look as good on a dark or light wallpaper. 

    I could make them using a custom image of the choice of the user moderating compensation. And in 2017 they are scheduled to react to your camera light and environment to manage the reflection. :)

  4. That day can't come soon enough!

  5. Or with the users face in em

  6. +Jeppe Foldager yup... that cam. :)

  7. There are 3d launchers already, some smart guy needs to write rendering engine for that :)

  8. +Phlash Tha Are they available for purchase - through the Tha Icon Ultimate app - I looked, but didn't see them - AWESOME job btw!

  9. +solomon wright  They are on my site... All packs from the site now include a .apk theme!.... you can also look here to get it from the play store

    Tha Icon Ultimate is no longer a viable option.

  10. +Phlash ThaThank You! 
    Bought & Beautiful!
    I get so MANY compliments - On your work - on my phone!
    I never tell them where I got them - lol - JK :-D

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