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Tha Zombie


Tha Zombie android icons… get a taste of the undead! Watch out so they don’t grab your fingers.


Icons Included


Icon size

192 Pixels

Type of Files


Supported Launchers

Nova, Action, Apex, Holo, Smart, Aviate, Inspire, ADW, Next, Atom, Go, Nine, Solo, Tsf, Lucid

Samples There's no samples for this pack
Alternative Download google-play
  1. Angel D

    Fk you +Tha PHLASH dude you're the man, wow.

  2. Richard McIntosh

    Love zombie icons +Tha PHLASH

  3. Rob Rowald

    OK those are cool. Damn it I'm 37 cents short on my Google balance.

  4. Tha PHLASH

    +Angel D  just trying to survive in a world where people around you are trying to eat your entrails!

  5. Phil K

    And my T-Mobile account is currently suspended so I can't do carrier billing... Until I get paid next week...

  6. Erica Crawford

    +Tha PHLASH Didn't you have a jack-o-lantern icon pack that made the pumpkins look like they were glowing?
    I'm pretty sure that was an icon pack I got off of your tha-icon ultimate app. If so I'll have to dig out the old icon app and use it for my Halloween home screen. I forgot all about that theme.

  7. Richard McIntosh

    +Tha PHLASH man love the Fleetwood remix you did the other night epic

  8. Tha PHLASH

    +Erica Crawford Just get Tha Pumpkin icon pack and watch what happens to them on Halloween:)

  9. frank mckitchen

    Any chance on releasing Nikpmup ? -- only 5 days to go-

  10. Tha PHLASH

    +frank mckitchen  Just get Tha Pumpkin icon pack and watch what happens to them on Halloween:)

  11. frank mckitchen

    Ok-- will do

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