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Tha TIMECRAFT is a modern analog and digital watch face for Android Wear 2.0 with harmonious design that balances form, function and feel. I felt inspired after playing a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.

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  1. I got get this my son love Minecraft he 9 years old awesome work

  2. DUDE! I want it but I aint got no watch.

  3. Ugh, AW2. Damn Asus still hasn't sent the update.

  4. +Michael Neese yeah... im all android wear 2.0 now... but nobody is there, ugh this suuuuuucks.

  5. +Tha Phlash I get it. Oh well, just another Wishlist bookmark and an angry toe-tapping while I wait on +ASUS North America to get off their a$$. Same BS responses from them since December- "coming weeks". That's one of the most aggravating and meaningless responses any developer could give. At least you are a man of your word and everyone knows it. Maybe you should go into consulting as a side gig.

  6. +Tha Phlash ZW3 finally got AW2.01. The OTAs are still rolling out but I was able to get the zip and sideload. Timecraft became an insta-buy. Thanks for staying way ahead of the curve.

  7. +Michael Neese w000000t!

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